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Civics 2nd 9 w test

Civic Second Nine Weeks Test: Question and Anwser

The ___________ defines the structure and powers of the national government.. Constitution
Name the three branches of government. Legislative, Executive, and Judicial
The Legislative branch consists of a __________ legislature. Bicameral
How many members are in the House of Representatives? 435 members
How many members are in the Senate? 100 members
Congress makes______ for the nation. laws
Congress _________ the annual budget. approves
Congress _________ presidential appointments. approves
Who leads the Executive branch? The president
What is the presidents number one job? To execute all laws of the land
The Supreme Court exercises the power of _________________. Judicial Review
Federal Courts try cases involving __________ law and issues about the constitution. federal
Articles __, __, and __ set up the three branches of government. 1,2,and 3
What is the separating the power into three branches? Separation of Powers
What is it when each branch can limit the power of the other two? Checks and Balances
The Legislative branch ________ laws. creates
What is the powers that are listed in the constitution? Enumerated
Powers that are used to carry out expressed powers. Implied powers
Elected write laws in response to _________ or issues. problems
National laws are made by? Congress
The Executive branch ___________________ laws. Executes/Enforces
The executive branch can influence policy making by: proposing legislation in an annual speech known as _________________. State of the Union Speech
Ceremonial head of government Chief of State
Head of the Executive branch Chief Executive
Proposes legislation Chief Legislator
Head of the nation's armed forces Commander-in-chief
Architect of American foreign policy Chief Diplomat
Leader of the political party that controls the executive branch Chief of Party
Representative of all the people Chief Citizen
The division of power between the states and the national government. Federalism
The national government is _________ over the state and local government. supreme
The U.S. Constitution grants powers to the national and state government but also _________________ powers. denies them equal
The national government is primary responsible for _______________, health, safety, and __________. foreign policy, welfare
Tensions exist when federal _________(orders) require state actions without adequate funding. mandates
The media influences the public agenda by focusing attention on selected _________, offering forum in which opposing viewpoints are communicated, and holding government officials ____________. issues, accountable
Government officials use the media to communicate with the ________. voters
__________ is seeking to influence legislators to introduce or vote for or against a bill. Lobbying
Individuals can influence public policy by participating in _________(voting), expressing _________(lobbying), or joining interest groups. politics, opinions
Interest groups influence public policy by identifying issues, making political ______________ and lobbying government officials. contributions
International issues and events can require _______ government officials to make certain decision. local
General court tries cases involving ___________ a less serious crime. misdemeanors
Circuit court tries cases involving __________, a more serious crime. felonies
Original jurisdiction is where the ____________ starts. court case
Appellate jurisdiction is where the __________ is heard. appeal
The power to declare laws unconstitutional is known as _____________. Judicial Reveiw
________________ established the principle of judicial review. Madbury vs. Madison
The U.S. Constitution is the ___________ law of the land. supreme
State laws must confirm to both the Virginia and U.S. _____________. Constitutions
In a criminal case the court decides whether a person is guilty or innocent of breaking a _____. law
In a civil case the court settles a ________________. disagreement
In a civil case the plaintiff files a complaint to recover ___________. damages
One can be arrested if police have _________________ or an arrest warrant. probable cause
After being arrested one may be released from jail by paying ________. bail
Probable cause is reviewed at the ____________ by magistrate. Arraignment
The protection against unfair government actions and laws is known as _________________. Due process
The ___ amendment prohibits the national government from acting in an unfair manner.(No double jeopardy) 5th
The ____ amendment prohibits the state and local government from acting in an unfair manner. 14th
State the civil case procedures. 1. Plaintiff files complaint to recover damages. 2.Trial 3. Appeal by losing side.
Name the three requirements to become president. 1. 35 years old 2. Native born 3. 14 years as a citizen
Created by: laurenbarrett



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