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Social Sciences

ADLER psychiatrist, inferiority complex
ALLISON political scientist, national security
BARZUN American historian, music, literature, and education
BENEDICT American anthropologist (Patterns of Culture)
BINET and SIMON French psychologists, IQ tests
BOAS Father of modern anthropology
DURKHEIM one of the fathers of modern sociology
ERIKSON stage theory of development
FERGUSON financial and economic history
FREUD Austrian psychiatrist, sexual drive, Oedipus complex
GALL nervous system and brian, founded pseudoscience of phrenology
GIBBON English historian (The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire)
GOODALL anthropologist and primatologist, chimpanzee studies in Tanzania
JUNG self realization, phycologist
KEYNES founder of modern theoretical macroeconomics
KOHER psychologist; Gestaltist, worked with chimps
MARX founder of communist
PAVLOV physiologist, conditioning of reflexes, worked with dogs
SKINNER psychologist, behaviorist, studied the effects of reinforcement on behavior, worked with rats and pigeons
SMITH founder of modern economics (The Wealth of Nations)
THORNDIKE IQ tests, worked with cats
Created by: amanda.herceg