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World War One

History Grade Ten

Militarism The belief in the power of strong armies and navies to decide issues. Ex. Germany had the most powerful army, Britain "ruled the waves". Germany competed with the UK to build battleships (dreadnought).
Alliances Groups formed in Europe to support each other in attack Triple Entente = France, Britain, Russia Triple Alliances = Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy - created the domino effect
Nationalism A feeling of deep loyalty to ones own land - European Slavs aided by Russia and Serbia wanted to be free from Austrian rule
Imperialism Industrialized countries building oversea empires Ex. Britain feared Germany in Africa; Australia feared Serbia/Russia in Balkans
Catalyst An event that sets off a chain reaction of other events Ex. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand
Ultimatum Demand by one government that another government accept its terms or face the threat of war. Ex. Austria-Hungary wanted to send officials to enter Serbia and help crush terrorist movements. Serbia refused.
Black Hand Group that assassinated Franz Ferdinand resulting in world war 1.
Gavrillo Princip The Serbian who shot Duke Ferdinand resulting in World War 1.
Schlieffen plan Germany had to defeat France and Russia. It planned to defeat France first while Russia mobilizes. Small forces sent across French/German borders to lead to the mountains of Lorraine. Large German fore go through neutral Belgium and invade France.
Home Front As part of the British Empire, Canada was automatically at war with Germany.
Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand (1914) On June 26 in Sarajevo, Serbian Gavrillo Princip shot Austrian Duke Ferdinand. Austrian Government blamed Serbia. With Germany support, sent Serbia an Ultimatum. Declared war on July 26, 1914
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