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mid term history

what is monotheism? idea that there is only one god.
new England colonies Massachusetts,Connecticut, and Rhode island
Tea act placed tax on tea
what was the historical significance of Daniel shays Rebellion? artical of confederation
who is Olauduh Equiano and what did what did he do? what is the meddle passage? former african slave wrote about the middle passage during the trip to the americas
what was the tea act? placed tax on tea gave British-east compony a monalpy
what was the tea act? launched final spark to the revolutionary movement in boston
what are navigation acts? made to restrict trades.
how did some colonists try to get around the navigation acts? by smuggling.
why was John Peter Zenger taken to court? printed bad things about the governor of NY.
what was England's first PERMANENT settlement in North America? North America
what is the Columbian exchange? great exchange between the western and the Eastern hemisphere.
why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? for our good fortune.
which colony was originally a dutch settlement and what was its name before being taken over by the English? New Netherland and now is called New York.
southern colonies? Maryland,Virgiana,North and South Carolina, and Georgia
Middle Colonies? New York,Pennsylvania,New Jersey,and Delaware
what middle colony was known for its religious toleration and welcomed Amish and Jewish settlers? Pennslyvannia
what is religious toleration? right to different options
what were the conditions like at valley forge? harsh winter, low supplies
who taught Washington's soldiers how to march? Baron Bon Stubian
the land bridge that once connected Siberia and Alaska is now what body of water? bering site
describe how the Great Awakening influenced the colonies? religious rival which sweep through the colonies in the 1730's
what is the middle passage? route to the Americas
what year does Washington's surprise attack on Hessian soldiers at Trenton occur? December 1776
what British general surrenders at the Battle of Saratoga? general
"We must consider that we shall be as a City upon a Hill. The eyes of all people are upon us". what does this mean? people look up to us
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