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burglary punishable by a year or more in prison, a fine of $1000 or more,or both is... called a felony
A group of citizens who are charged with judging a person charged with a crime is a... trial jury
Failure to attend school is called... truancy
The range of actions over which a court has control or influence is... jurisdiction
A citizen under the age of seventeen is a... juvenile
A less serious crime punishable by less than a year in prison, a fine of less than $1000, or both is a... misdemeanor
The court system that has original jurisdiction in the Georgia court system; includes superior court, state courts, probate courts, magistrate courts, and juvenile courts is the... trial courts
The highest-ranking court in Georgia is... supreme court
The second-highest ranking court in Georgia is... court of appeals
Those under the age of seventeen who commit acts that would be crimes if committed by an adult are... delinquents
In a criminal case, the person accused of a crime is known as the... defendant
This type of court is used to try people who are 16 and under... juvenile court
This is how judges are selected in Georgia... appointed
Name a type of court that is considered a trial court... superior, state, probate, magistrate, juvenile
In a criminal case, the person who represents the government is known as the... prosecutor
___is uninvolved third party people who help resolve disputes peacefully mediators
The seven delinquent behaviors in Georgia are also called the... 7 deadly sins
Name the two types of court systems in Georgia... trial court, appellate court
When a judge is elected based on political party the process is called partisan election
T or F Shoplifting is considered one of the seven deadly sins in Georgia f
T or F In Georgia, an 18 year old is considered a child IF he/she does NOT have parental or guardian supervision. t
T or F A juvenile could be sent to the adult court system if he/she committed murder t
T or F Running away from home is the most common of the seven deadly sins in Georgia f
T or F Manslaughter is considered one of the deadly sins in Georgia t
T or F Juveniles who commit traffic offenses will go to the adult court system f
T or F The probate court will hear cases concerning murder and other high profile cases f
T or F The Superior court system is the highest level of court in Georgia f
T or F Delinquent juveniles are those who under the age of seventeen and who commit acts that would be crimes if they were committed by adults t
T or F “Taken into custody” means that a juvenile has been captured by the police t
T or F A juvenile in Georgia is one who is under the age of 17 t
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