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vocabulary for SSAT

abdicate to give up a position, right, or power
abduct forcefully and wrongfully to carry, take, or lead away
abhor to hate, to view with repugnance, to detest
abominable horrible or unpleasant
abridge to shorten in length or duration
absolved freed from guilt or blame
abstinence act or practice or refraining from indulging, especially in alcohol
absurd ridiculously unreasonable, lacking logic
abyss deep hole; deep immeasurable space, gulf or cavity
accelerate to increase in speed, cause to move faster
acclaim n. praise, enthusiastic approval; v. to approve, to welcome with applause and praise
accord to be in agreement
acute sharp in some way (as in an acute angle) or sharp in intellect; crucial
adage old saying, proverb
adamant stubborn and persistent
adept very skilled
adhere to stick fast; to hold to
adjourn to postpone; to suspend (a meeting) for a period of time
adjunct an accessory, something added on; something or someone associated with another but in a defendant or secondary position
admiring regarding with approval or respect
admonish to scold; to urge to duty, remind; to advise against something
adorn to decorate or add beauty to, for instance with ornaments; to make pleasing, more attractive
adversary opponent or enemy
adverse unfavorable, opposed, going against
aeronautic relating to aircraft
affable pleasantly easy to get along with; friendly and warm
affectation attempt to appear to be what one is not for the purpose of impressing others
aggravate to make worse
aghast overcome by surprise, disgust, or amazement; seized with terror; shocked
agility condition of being able to move quickly and easily or being mentally alert
agitate to shake or grow excited; to move around a lot, to disturb or excite emotionally
ail to suffer from sickness
aimless lacking purpose or goals
akin related to or alike
allege to declare that something is true without proof
alleviate to make easier to bear, lessen
allure fascination, appeal
aloof distant in relations with other people
altruistic concerned for the welfare of others
amateur someone not paid to engage in a hobby, sport, art, etc.
ambiguous unclear
ambivalent having opposing or mixed feelings
amend to improve; to alter, to add to, or subtract from by formal procedure
amiable friendly, good natured
amorous having to do with love
amorphous lacking a specific shape
amphibian animal at home on both land and in the water
analytical intending to understand the nature of something
angular having clear angles or thin and bony facial structure
animosity feeling of ill will, intense dislike for someone or something
annihilate to destroy completely
antidote remedy to relieve the effects or poison
aperture opening
aqueous similar to, or composed of water
ardent characterized by passion or desire
arid very dry, lacking moisture; unproductive, unimaginative
aroma pleasing fragrance; any odor or smell
articulate well-spoken, lucidly presented
artifice 1. trickery, clever ruse; 2. ability to create or imagine
ascertain to find out or discover by examination
aspirant someone reaching for something
assailable able to be attacked or assaulted
assert to state a viewpoint
assess to evaluate or determine the worth of
astound to overwhelm with amazement
astute shrewd and perceptive; able to understand clearly and quickly
astute sharp, shrewd
atrocity horrible, usually brutal, act
audacity boldness or daring, especially with disregard for personal safety
audible able to be heard
authentic genuine and true, not fake
authoritative having great auhority
banal boringly predictable
banish to send away, condemn to exile; drive or put away
barrage a flood
barrier anything that makes progress harder or impossible; a limit or boundary
beguile to delude, deceive by trickery
belligerence aggressive hostility
benefactor someone giving financial or general assistance
beneficial advantageous, helpful, conferring benefit
benevolence inclination to do good deeds
benign harmless
bewildered completely confused or puzzled, perplexed
bias n. prejudice, particular tendency; v. to cause prejudice in; to influence unfairly
bile ill temper, irritability
bliss supreme happiness, utter joy or contentment; heaven, paradise
boisterous loud and unrestrained
botanist scientist specializing in study of plants
bounty generosity in giving; reward
brash bold
bravado showy and pretentious display of courage
brevity state of being brief, of not lasting a long time
brig ship's prison
browbeat to intimidate
burly very stocky and muscled
burnish n. to make shine by rubbing, as with a cloth; n. shininess produced by burnishing
cache hiding place for treasures, etc.; anything in such a hiding place
cacophony jarring and unpleasing sounds
cajole to wheedle, persuade with promises or flattery, coax
camouflage n. disguise worn in order to deceive an enemy; for instance, uniforms the color of trees and dirt; v. to deceive by means of camouflage
candor frankness and sincerity; fairness
canine relating to dogs
cantankerous quarrelsome and grouchy
caprice sudden, unpredictable change
capricious unpredictable and impulsive
cascade n. waterfall, as in a type of fireworks resembling a waterfall; v. to fall like a cascade
catastrophe disastrous event
cautious careful
celestial relating to the heavens
censor to remove material from books, plays, magazines, etc. for moral, political, or religious reasons
chasm gorge or deep canyon
choleric bad-tempered
choreographer person creating and arranging dances for stage performances
chorus group acting together
chronic continuing over a long period of time, long-standing
circulate to move around freely, to spread widely
circumscribe to encircle with a line; to limit in any way
clandestine secret
coalesce to come together
collision crash, clash, or conflict
communicative talkative and likely to communicate
compassion deep feeling of pity or sympathy for others
compel to force someone or something to act
competent having enough skill for some purpose; adequate but not exceptional
concede to give in or surrender
concise brief and compact
condescend to act as if you are better then someone
condone to pardon, to forgive, or overlook
confidential done secretly or in confidence
confound to puzzle or confuse
congeal to thicken, or change from liquid to solid
congenial agreeable
consensus an agreement
constrict to squeeze, make tighter
contemplation thoughtful observation
contemptuous expressing disdain or extreme dislike
contend to fight against; to debate
contentious eager to quarrel
contiguous lying side by side
contradict to disagree
contrition deep regret for doing something wrong
convene to assemble or meet
conventional established or approved by general usage
copious abundant, large in number or quantity, plentiful
corpulent excessively overweight
correlation connection between facts or events
counsel to advise
countenance n. face or facial expression, or the general appearance or behavior of something or someone; v. to approve or support
couplet unit of poetry with two rhyming lines
courier person who carries messages, news, or information
crevice a narrow crack
cue hint or guiding suggestion
cumulative increasing through successive addition
curvature state of being curved
dawdle to waste time with idle lingering
deadlock standoff caused by opposition of two conflicting forces
dearth scarcity, lack
debilitating weakening, harmful
debris charred or spoiled remains of something that has been destroyed
debunk to prove false
decade period of ten years
deceit deception or tricky falseness
deceive to delude or mislead
declamation exercise in speech-giving; attack or protest
decompose to rot or decay
decree an order or command
deficient defective, insufficient, or inadequate
deft skillful
dehydrate to remove water from
deject to depress or make sad
deleterious harmful to one's health
delude to deceive, to mislead
deluge n. flood, large overflowing of water; or too much of anything; v. to overflow, to inundate, to flood
demote to reduce to a lower grade or class
deplore to regard as deeply regrettable and hateful
desolation condition of being deserted and destroyed
despair a feeling or absolute hopelessness, or to lose hope
despicable deservng contempt
despondent in a state of depression
destitute bereft, without or left without; poor
deteriorate to get worse
devastate to lay waste, make desolate; to overwhelm
devotee someone passionately devoted
devout deeply religious
dexterity skill in using the hands or body, agility; cleverness
dilute to weaken, especially by adding water to a solution
diminish to become or to make smaller in size, number, or degree
din loud, confused noise
dingy darky or drab in color; dirty, shabby, squalid
diplomatic tactful; skilled in the art of conducting negotiations and other relations between nations
disclaim to deny ownership of or association with
discursive covering a wide area or digressing from a topic
dismal causing gloom; cheerless
disparage to criticize or speak badly of
dispute n. argument or quarrel; v. to argue or quarrel
disseminate to scatter or spread widely
distort to bend or twist something out of its normal shape
divert 1. to change the course of; 2. to draw someone's attention
doff to remove or take off, as clothing
dogged persistent in effort; stubbornly tenacious
dogmatic asserting without proof; stating opinion as if it were fact in a definite and forceful manner
dormant temporarily inactive, asleep
doze to nap or sleep lightly
dread overwhelming fear, or to be very afraid
dubious doubtful
dungeon underground room in fortress often used to keep prisoners
ebullient overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited
eccentric n. person who differs from the accepted norms in an odd way; adj. deviating from accepted conduct
ecstatic deliriously overjoyed
eddy small whirlpool or any similar current
effect n. result, impression; v. to produce, make or bring about
egotist a self-centered or conceited person
egress exit
elaborate very detailed or to explain something in greater detail
elongate to lengthen
elusive hard to find or express
embellish to add detail, make more complicated
embroider to decorate an object with needlework
eminent distinguished, high in rank or station
emulate to imitate or copy
enact to make into law
encompass to form a circle or a ring around
endorse to approve, sustain, support
enigma mystery or riddle
enigmatic unexplainable, mysterious
ensnare to capture in, or involve, as in a snare
entice to lure or attract by feeding desires
entourage group of followers, attendants, or assistants
epoch a period of time
era period of time
eradicate to erase or get rid of
err to make a mistake (as in error)
erudite knowledgeable and learned
essential or the innermost nature of something; basic, fundamental; of great importance
etiquette code of social behavior
evacuate to empty out, remove, or withdraw
evanescence lasting a short time, fading away gradually
exasperate to make very angry or impatient
excavate to dig up
exclusion not being allowed to enter or join
exile to banish someone from their native country
exotic of foreign origin or character: strange, exciting
expand to make greater, broader, larger, or more detailed
expunge to delete or omit completely
exquisite beautifully made or designed
extinct no longer existing
extol to praise
extraction process or removal or something removed
extricate to release form difficulty or an entanglement
extroverted outgoing or interested in people
exuberant overflowing with joy or happiness
facet aspect of something
fanatic someone with excessive enthusiasm, especially in politics or religion
fatal causing, or capable of causing, death or ruin
fathom to understand
fatigue v. to exhaust the strength of; n. weariness, tiredness from exertion
fauna animals of a given area
felicity happiness, bliss
feral wild and untamed
ferocious savage and fierce
fervent showing great warmth, intensity, feeling, enthusiasm; hot, burning, glowing
fickle easily changeable, especially in emotions
fidelity faithfulness to duties; truthfulness
finale the final part of some entertainment, often music
fission splitting apart
flag to decrease, or diminish
flagrant outrageously glaring, noticeable or evident; notorious, scandalous
flippant not serious, playful, irreverent
fluctuate to shift back and forth without regularity
foretell to predict the future
formidable able to inspire awe or wonder because of outstanding power, size, etc.
foundation basis or groundwork of anything: whether a building or idea
fragile easily broken, or damaged
frank honest and open
frequent adj. happening or occurring at short intervals; v. to visit often
fringe the edge or outer portion
frugal not wasteful or extravagant
fundamental an essential part, basic
fusion a joining together
futile ineffective, useless: unimportant
garrulous talkative and likely to chatter
gaunt very thin and bony
genre a specific style of art or literature
germinate to bud or sprout
glee joy, pleasure, happiness
glib able to speak profusely; having a ready flow of words (often implies lying or deceit)
glutton one who eats and drinks too much, greedy
gregarious fond of company
grotesque odd or unnatural in some way
grovel to humble oneself, to beg
gruesome grisly, horrible
hackneyed over-used and old-fashioned
hallowed regarded as holy, sacred
harbinger omen, precursor, forerunner
harsh stern or cruel; physically uncomfortable; unpleasant to the ear
hasty done quickly; rushed, sloppy
heed n. careful attention, notice, observation; v. to listen and obey
herbivorous feeding on plants
heterogeneous not uniform; made up of different parts that remain separate
hexagon polygon having six sides
hibernate to spend the winter in a sleep-like, dormant state
hive structure where bees live
hoary very old, or gray from age
horrid something that causes horror, or is at least pretty bad
hovel small, miserable shack
hue the color or shade of an object
humid moist or damp
idiosyncratic a characteristic peculiar to an individual, a quirk
ignite (literally) to set on fire; (figuratively) to stir emotionally
illiteracy inability to read and write
illuminate to light up or make clear
immaculate spotless; free from error
imminent about to happen, on the verge of occurring
immortal never-dying
impasse road having no exit or a dilemma with no solution
impediment an obstacle, something in the way
imperious arrogant, behaving like royalty
impervious incapable of being penetrated; unable to be influenced
impious lacking piety or respect for religion
implore to beg or ask earnestly
imply to suggest without stating directly
inadvertent unintentional
incentive motivation or drive to do a particular task or to go in a given direction
incredulous not believing
incumbent someone who is currently holding a political position
indicate to point out or make known with a good degree of certainty
indictment the situation of having been charged with a crime
indifferent having no feelings or not caring one way or another
indignant feeling or expressing remorse for a wrongdoing
inert having no power to move or act; resisting motion or action
infectious able to be passed from one person to another; contagious
ingenious possessing or displaying great creativity and resourcefulness
ingenuity inventive skill or cleverness
inhabit to reside or live in
innate possessed at birth, not learned
innocent pure, not guilty
inquiry a request for information
inscribe to write or etch words on or into a surface
insinuation devious hint or sly suggestion made to cause suspicion or doubts
insipid lacking interest, dull, boring
insolent disrespectful, rude
insomnia inability to fall asleep
insurgent adj. rebel; adj. rising in revolt, starting a revolution
integrate to bring together and make whole
integrity a person's moral character, honesty and truthfulness
irate full of anger, wrathful, incensed
ironic the use of words to express an unintended or contradictory meaning
itinerant nomadic, constantly moving
jeer to mock in an abusive way; taunting remark
jest to joke
jubilant feeling joy or happiness
judicious having wise judgment
juxtapose to place side by side
keen sharp-witted and intelligent
kinetic relating to motion
laden weighed down with a heavy load, burdened
lagoon shallow body of water connected to a much larger one, as a lake or sea
lament to express grief for, mourn
languid slow-moving
lenient merciful, not strict
lethargy drowsiness, tiredness, inability to do anything much
limber bending and moving easily
linger to delay or be slow in leaving
livid discolored, bruised, or very angry
lunge n. sudden forward movement, plunge; v. to thrust something forward
lush juicy and tender or covered with plant life
magnanimous having a great or noble spirit, acting generously, patiently, or kindly
malfunction to fail to function; an instance of failing to function
malleable can be molded or shaped
mar to damage something and make it imperfect
marvel n. amazing thing; something astonishing or marvelous; v. to be surprised or full of wonder
meager very small or insufficient
meek humble and submissive
melancholy very sad or depressing
mercurial characterized by rapid and unpredictable changes, fickle
merge to blend together
meteorologist scientist dealing with weather and weather conditions
mimic imitate, copy not always in a complimentary way
minuscule tiny, miniature
mirth happiness and good cheer
misbegotten poorly conceived, poorly planned, based on false assumptions or false reasoning
mourn feel sad for, regret
murky dark, dim
nauseous sickening, makes you feel sick, or turns your stomach
nebulous hazy, not well-defined
nimble quick and agile in movement or thought
nomad someone who has no permanent home and wanders
nonchalant without concern, calm and cool
notify to tell, let know, give notice
notorious known widely and unfavorably
novice a beginner
null zero value
obdurate stubborn
obese very fat
objective not influenced by personal opinion, just the facts
obnoxious offensive and very disagreeable
obscure v. to hide or make difficult to find; adj. hard to see; unknown, uncertain
observation 1. examination, 2. remark, comment
obsolete no longer in use; discarded or outmoded
obstinate stubborn
obstruct to get in the way of; to block; to hamper
obtuse not acute; someone who is not smart; thick, dull
olfactory relating to the sense of smell
ominous threatening, menacing, having the character of an evil omen
opportune appropriate to time or circumstances: timely, lucky
option choice selection, preference
opulent rich, characterized by wealth
oration a formal speech
orbit to move around some object, as a planet; to circle; n. the actual route the thing takes when it goes around the other thing (orbit of moon around earth)
orchid purple (as in the flower)
ostentatious pretentious and flashy
pact a formal agreement between two countries; a bargain
palatable good tasting
paradox contradiction, something that doesn't fit; something that shouldn't be true because it seems to offend common sense, yet is true anyway
paramount having superior power and influence
parch to make very thirsty
pardoned forgiven
passive not active; someone who lets things happen rather than himself taking action
pedantic overly scholarly, boring
peddle sell
pedestrian adj. common, everyday, usual; n. one who does not ride but walks
penitent feeling or expressing remorse for a wrongdoing
penurious extremely stingy or miserly
perjury making deliberately false statements under oath
persevere to continue in some course of action despite setbacks and opposition
petrify literally, to turn to stone; figuratively, to paralyze with fear or with surprise
pious religiously devout or moral
placate to quiet down, appease; to please
plagiarism copying of someone else's work and claiming it as your own
plausible seeming to be true
plight a bad situation, a predicament
plumage the feathers on a bird
plunder to steal
polymorphous having many shapes
pompous characterized by stiff, unnatural formality
posterity all of a person's descendents
preamble an introduction to a formal document
premise an essential fact that others are based on
presume to take for granted or to assume something to be true
procrastinate to postpone; to put something off to a later time
procure to obtain
profane to abuse or put to ill use
profound deep, wise, serious
prolific producing great amounts; fertile
propel to move, make something go forward
prophesy to predict the future using divine guidance
prosperous wealthy or fortunate
prudent sensible and wise
pugnacious hostile
pungent sharp, flavorful
pursue to chase, go after
quandary a state of uncertainty
quell to quiet something raucous (often rebellion); crush, defeat, conquer
quench to satisfy a need or desire
quibble to complain about little things
quiver a portable container for arrows
rabble large, disorderly, and easily excited mob
rabid (literally) afflicted with rabies; (figuratively) acting fantastically or madly, as if afflicted by rabies
ramble to move or speak without direction
rancid having a nasty smell or taste, rotting
rancor bad feeling, bitterness
rancorous showing hatred or ill-will
random lacking order, free from order or bias
ransack to search thoroughly and messily
ratify to approve formally
ravenous (literally) wildly eager to eat; (figuratively) hungry for anything
raze to destroy utterly
recalcitrant disobedient, stubborn
recede to move away or become smaller
recluse someone who lives far away from other people
recreation something done for fun, a hobby or game
recuperate to heal or return to good health
recur to return; to occur again
reek (literally) giving off a strong, offensive odor, strong smell; (figuratively) to be pervaded by something unpleasant
refrain to stop or avoid going something, quit
regal royal, splendid
reign rule over, govern, dominate
reimburse to repay someone for their expenses
reinforce strengthen, add to
reminiscence memory or act of recalling the past
remote far away, distant
rendezvous a meeting, usually secret
renowned well-known, famous, celebrated
repartee witty conversation, retort
repudiate to reject what one was once associated with
repugnant something gross, repulsive, or revolting
residue something that remains after a part is taken
retrospect the review of past events; hindsight
reveal show, divulge, expose
revel celebrate noisily, have a party
revere to deeply respect or admire
revile to criticize with abusive language
rift a narrow break
robust healthy
rout conquer, defeat, and chase off
rout an overwhelming defeat or to defeat
rue to regret
ruse a clever trick
sage wise
salve something used to heal or soothe
sanctimonious acting morally superior, holier-than-thou
sarcastic the use of witty language used to insult or show displeasure
satellite moon, a small thing going around a bigger thing
saturate to fill something to the point where it can hold no more
saucy impudent, impertinent, flippant
savor to enjoy something with relish or delight
scald burn with hot liquid or steam
scarce rare, uncommon
scathing overly critical
schism division or separation between groups of members within an organization
scorn to abuse or treat with no respect, or a strong feeling of dislike
scrupulous acting in accordance with a strict moral code; thorough in the performance of a task
scull a small rowboat or an oar for a rowboat
secure v. to fasten, make secure; adj. well-fastened, not likely to fall or come loose
sedate to calm, especially by use of a drug
seethe to heave or bubble from great inner turmoil, as a volcano; to boil
sentry guard, sentinel, watchman
sequel addition or result; story that continues a previous one
shrewd clever, keen-witted, cunning, sharp in practical affairs
shun shy
significant meaningful, important, relevant
sinister threatening, evil, menacing
skeptical doubtful
skit a short comic scene
slack n. lack of tautness or tension; a time of little activity or dullness; adj. sluggish, idle, barely moving loose, relaxed
slander a false and mean-spirited statement meant to injure someone
sociable friendly, companionable
solicit to seek (something) from another; to make a request of someone
somber overly serious, dark, or gloomy
specify to mention, name or require specifically or exactly
splice to join, bind, attach; in film editing, to join two pieces of film
sporadic having no pattern or order
spurn reject with scorn, turn away
squalid very dirty or foul; wretched
squander to waste (often money) on some worthless purchase or practice
staid straight-laced and serious
stark bare, without decoration
staunch steady, loyal
stealthy sneaky, secret
stifle to hold back or smother
stress emphasize, point out
suave smooth, graceful, and confident in speech and behavior
subdue to bring under control; to decrease the intensity of
subjective influenced by personal opinion, biased
sublime without equal, awe-inspiring
succeed 1. to follow, come after; 2. to prosper, do well
succumb to give in, to submit
suffice to be adequate or enough
summit highest level or point
superb wonderful, superior, excellent
superfluous more than what is required or needed
suppress crush, hold in, hide
surfeit overly abundant supply, an excess
surmise v. to guess, to infer; n. instance of surmising
surrogate person or thing substituted for another
susceptible vulnerable, liable to be affected by something
suspense fear or anticipation of waiting for something
sustain to support
synopsis short summary, outline
taciturn quiet, tending not to speak
tactful acting with sensitivity to others' feelings
taint to poison, as a drink; to corrupt, as a person
tamper bother, interfere, meddle
tangible can be felt by touching; having actual substance
taut stretched tightly; tense
temperament your usual mood or behavior
temperate denying oneself too much pleasure; avoiding extreme positions; moderate, sensible; a mild climate
tenacious steadily pursuing a goal, unwilling to give up; stubborn
tepid neither hot nor cold, lukewarm; lacking character or spirit, bland
terminate to stop, end
terse concise, brief, using few words
tether n. chain or rope tied to an animal to keep it within specific bounds; v. to fasten or confine
thrifty able to handle money wisely, not extravagant
timid shy
toil hard work, or to work hard
token n. sign or symbol; adj. existing in name or appearance only, without depth, or significance
tome a book, especially a large and scholarly one
torrid extremely hot, scorching
translucent almost transparent, able to be seen through clearly
trepidation fear, apprehension
trite lacking originality, inspiration, and interest
tryst a secret meeting
tumult noise and confusion
tyranny harsh exercise of absolute power
ultimate marking the highest point; cannot be improved upon; final
unanimous approved by everyone concerned
uniform all the same, common
unkempt messy, sloppily maintained
usurp to seize, take by force (most often used of abstract nouns like "power")
vacate leave as in vacation
vacous silly, empty-headed, not serious
vague not clear or certain
variegated having many parts or colors
vehement with deep feeling
vend to sell goods
venerate to regard with deep respect
vex to irritate to a great degree, to annoy
vigor strength, energy
virtuoso a person with great skill, especially a musician
vitalize make something come alive
vivacious lively, full of spirit
vivid very distinct and sharp, realistic
volatile easily changeable, quick to explode
wan unnaturally pale, lacking color
wane to decrease in size or strength
wantonly without a reason
whimsical impulsive
wily cunning and crafty
wrath extreme anger
wretched miserable, pathetic
writhe to squirm or twist as if in pain
zealous enthusiastic, eager
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