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CPUSII Q2 Exam Revie

CPUSII Q2 Exam Review

What was Wilson's position on US involvement in WWI? Neutrality
What were new technologies for WW1? Tanks, machine guns, chemical weapons like poison gas, airplanes, etc.
What role did women play on the home front in WW1? Women replaced men in the workforce, since men were then fighting in the military.
How did WW1 change U.S. society? The great migration of African American populations to northern cities.
People from what nation were called Huns during WW1? Germany.
What was the purpose of many propaganda posters during WW1? To raise money for the war effort by selling Liberty Bonds.
What was the greatest threat to allied & neutral ships from 1914 to 1918? Submarines.
Which WW1 country used submarines most successfully? Germany.
What is an armistice? An agreement to stop warfare until a peace treaty is signed
What were Wilson’s 14 Points? They included freedom of the seas, self-determination for all nations, and the establishment of a League of Nations.
How might one characterize the 1920s in America? There was increased consumer borrowing and spending.
Why can the 1920s be called the “Roaring Twenties?” Widespread social and economic change occurred.
Why can the 1920s be considered a nativist period? The National Origins Act passed, and the Ku Klux Klan gained in membership and power.
Why were immigration laws of the 1920s different from prior laws? Quotas were set to limit immigration from many countries.
What was the Harlem Renaissance? African Americans created noteworthy works of art, music, and literature which became world famous.
What factors caused the Red Scare and Palmer Raids (after WW1)? The Bolshevik (communist) Revolution in Russia in 1917, as well as workers’ strikes in the U.S. made many Americans fear for the stability of the nation.
Why do many people today believe that Vanzetti was innocent of the crimes for which he was executed? There may have been insufficient evidence, and he may have been convicted because of his radical political views.
Why was John T. Scopes tried and found guilty? Scopes violated a Tennessee state law forbidding the teaching of evolution.
What caused the economic boom and financial speculation of the 1920s? Installment buying (credit) and an unregulated stock market.
What were the causes of the Stock Market Crash? There was a dangerously uneven distribution of wealth.
What was the economic state of farming and business by 1932? Both agriculture and industry were suffering economically.
How did President Hoover respond to the start of the Great Depression? He proclaimed that the economy would rebound naturally, and the economy should manage itself without federal intervention.
What was the purpose of Social Security? To provide economic assistance to retired American workers.
FDR thought the government had what responsibility during the Great Depression? The federal government bears responsibility for all citizens’ welfare.
Which New Deal act most likely started America’s modern welfare system? The Social Security Act.
Created by: wohsstudent