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Selective for Salmonella; Differential for lactose Brilliant Green
Inhibits most enteric gram negative bacteria Brilliant Green
Brilliant Green Lactose Positive Color (decr. pH) yellow/green/inhibited
Brilliant Green Lactose Negative Color pink-white with red zone
Nonselective & differential for hemolysis Sheep blood agar
Contains tryptone soybean protein & 5% sheep blood nutrient Sheep blood agar
Supports all but the most fastidious organisms Sheep blood agar
Enriched with hemoglobin, hemin (X factor), and coenzyme nicotine adenine dinucleotide (V factor) Choco agar
Grows on blood agar and choco agar N. gonorrhaeae
most gram pos & gram neg will grow Sheep blood agar
most gram pos & gram neg will grow Choco agar
Chocolate agar (only) H. influenzae
Selective for gram positive bacteria; differential on the basis of hemolysis CNA agar
Peptone nutrient, sheeps blood CNA agar
Inhibit gram negative bacteria in CNA agar Colistin & Nalidixic acid
Ability to grow staph & strep CNA agar
demonstrates hemolysis (alpha & beta) CNA agar
Inhibits bacteria besides Staph & Strep CNA agar
Eosin Methylene Blue Agar EMB
Selective for enteric gram negative rods; differentes lactose pos & neg EMB
Dyes that inhibit gram positive bacteria on EMB Eosin Y & methylene blue
EMB Lactose positive color Dark purple center
Lactose positive occurs with: Decrease pH
EMB Lactose negative color No dark purple center
Lactose negative Shigella
Lactose negative Samonella
Lactose negative Proteus
Stool specimen Hektoen Enteric Agar
Very similar to Brilliant Green Hektoen Enteric Agar
Selective for Salmonella, Differentiates Lactose positive & lactose negative; Differentiates H2S pos & neg Hektoen Enteric Agar
Hektoen Enteric agar - dye that inhibits most normal enteric bacteria Bromthymol blue & acid fuchsin (pH indicators)
H2S differential iron source Ferric ammonium citrate
Hektoen Enteric L+ Salmon/yellow colonies
Hektoen Enteric L- Green,blue
Hektoen Enteric H2S+ Black center in colony
Mac Conkey (similar) EMB (similar)
Differential based on lactose; Selective for gram negative rods Mac Conkey
Mac Conkey specimens stool, sputum, urinary
Mac Conkey dye that inhibits gram + bacteria crystal violet dye
Mac Conkey Lactose + color Red
Mac Conkey Lactose - color colorless
Selective for Staph; Differential due to Mannitol Salt Mannitol Salt agar
Selective for Staph Mannitol Salt agar
Mannitol Salt agar - what inhibits all gram - & all gram + but Staph Na Cl
Differentiates wh/ Staph ferment Mannitol & wh/ don't Mannitol
Ferments Mannitol color Yellow colonies with yellow zones
Nonfermentor of Mannitol color Pink
Phenylethyl Alcohol Agar PEA
PEA (similar) CNA (similar)
Selective for Staph & Strep; Differential due to hemolysis Phenylethyl Alcohol Agar
Inhibits gram negative bacteria in PEA Phenylethyl alcohol
Selective for Strep (Beta hemolysis) SXT agar
Sheep blood agar with trimethoprim-sulfa SXT
Inhibits most bacteria other than Group A & Group B strep SXT/TMP/smx
Beta hemolysis S. pyogenes & S. agalactiae
Stool Specimen Selenite F Broth
Toxic for normal enteric flora Sodium selenite
Enhances enteric pathogens - especially salmonella Selenite broth
Salmonella (good growth); Shigella (partial or complete inhibition) Selenite broth
Selective for N. gonorrhoeae Thayer Martin Agar
Chocolate agar + antibiotics Thayer Martin Agar
Thayer Martin - Inhibit other gram negative Colistin
Thayer Martin - Inhibit gram positive Vancomycin
Thayer Martin - Inhibit yeast Nystatin
Modified Thayer Martin (MTM) Trimethoprim - inhibits proteus
Normally sterile body sites Thioglycollate broth
Permits growth of anaerobes Thioglycollate broth
Permits growth of anaerobes Thio, cystine (lowers oxidation)
Enhance the growth of pathogens that are present in small numbers Thioglycollate broth
Enhance the growth of most bacteria Beef protein, glucose
Xylose, Lysine - Desoxycholate Agar XLD
Differential due to lactose & H2S; Selective for Salmonella & Shigella Xylose Lysine - Desoxycholate Agar
XLD - Inhibits gram + bacteria & some enterics Na desoxycholate & salts
XLD Lactose positive color Yellow colonies
XLD Lactose negative color Pale pink colonies
XLD - H2S Ferric ammonium citrate
XLD - H2S + Black center
XLD - Pink colonies with black center Salmonella
XLD - Pink colonies with no black center Shigella
Salmonella Lactose negative
Salmonella H2S positive
Shigella Lactose negative
Shigella H2S negative
E. coli Lactose positive
E. coli H2S negative
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