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Chapter4 US & Canada

Chapter 4 Test Study Guide

megalopolis -a region where the rivers and suburbs have grown so close together and form one big urban region
Population Density the average number of people in one sq. mi.
commute travel to work
petrochemicals substances that come from petroleum such as plastic
industrilization a change from agriculture-based to an industrial based economy
sun belt the broad area of the united states that stretches from the southern Atlantic coast to the coast of California
mixed-crop-farm several different kinds of crops are grown
resession a downturn in business activity
corporate-farm when agricultural companies combine several small family farms into one large farm
forty-niners the first miners of the gold rush and arrived in 1849
responsible developent balancing the needs of the environment, the community, and the economy
mass transit a system that replaces individual cars with energy-saving buses or trains
what are the three jobs that employ millions of urban north easterns manufacturing, finance, and government
NY is the center of what` international trade and finance
where are some of the best medical schools located Boston
how many people live in NYC- 8mil
where is the NY immigration center ellis island
in the 1800s where did many irish immigrants come through Boston and Philly
what city was an important part of our history phily
there are between 200 and __ frost free days in a year 290
what infected the cotton in the 1890s boll weevil
what does NASA stand for National astronautics and space administration
what do textile mills make cloth
North Carolina is the nation's largest production in what hardwood-furniture
what is georgia's nickname peach state
what does the south mine for coal, produces that are not used for fuel such as crushed stone and construction sand and gravel
what changed the way farming is done thechnolagy
did the demand for crops increase or decrease decrease
what percent of kansas is farming land 90%
where did many people start to look for jobs cities
what is detroit nicknamed motor city
where was pillsbury and co. founded Minneapolis
what are the twin cities Minneapolis and st. Paul
in what year was there a gold rush in SF 1849
what happened when the gold rush came population exploded
what was one of the three thing that sprang up after the civil war logging camps, sawmills, and paper mills
who from ME won the coin toss in oregon francis w. pettygrove
what does francis w. pettygrove name the town Portland
who founded seattle in the early 1850s native american leader who helped the area's first settlers
hispanics are the largest ethnic group in LA followed by whom Asians
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