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mrs maney Ch.13vocAB

Ch. 13 vocAB

Underground r.r routes for escaping slaves.
Fugitive Slave Act all captured slaves had to be returned to their masters.
Uncle toms cabin book by Harriet Beecher Stowe
kansas-nebraska act The greatest single step towards the american civil war
Steven Douglas Kansas Nebraska act.
Nativism fear of hatred of immigrants, alien political movement, and ethnic minorities.
Know nothing party closely associated with americanism, or nativism.
American party national organization, important to north and south.
Bleeding kansas people free decided to permit slavery. attacked town of Lawrence. term applied to state
James Buchanan democratic party. won 1856 election.
Dredd scott decision Missouri compromise was ruled unconstitutional during it.
commodore perry first american to get japan to open up to outside trade.
crittenden comprimise would have guaranteed future slavery south of Missouri compromise line.
Harpers Ferry john brown wanted to attack this to seize federal arsenal and arm slaves.
john bell had most support with const. union party in election by border states of kentuky. va, and tenesee
lecompton consitution pro slavery document adopted in kansas by its constitutional convention
ostend manifesto american statement that america should buy or seize cuba
patawatomie creek where john brown and his sons killed 5 free soldiers in kansas
young america argued that democracy would triumph everywhere.
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