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Roaring twenties

chapter 8 vocabulary

Decade A period of ten years
Landslide A majority of votes for one side
Import To bring goods into a country
Fraud A lie or false act to steal money or somehing of value
Assembly Line A process by which a line of workers assemble something piece by piece until it is complete
Suburb Community outside of a city
Generation People who live in the same time period and are about the same age
Improvise To make up something as you go along
Composer One who writes music
Symphony A long, complex musical piece
Communist A person who believes in a form of government that eliminates private property and shares wealth
Prohibition The ban on making and selling alcohol
Bootlegger A person that made or sold alcohol illegally during prohibition
Speakeasy A place where liquor was sold illegally during prohibition
Stock Market A market for the buying and selling of government stock
Share A certificate that shows ownership of a company
Created by: MrBSummitYtown