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US History 2

This doubled the size of the US. Louisiana Purchase
Regulated Telephone and telegraph companies. Mann-Elkins Act
Territory that became California Nevada and Utah. Mexican Session
Gave rights to minerals oil and water to the Mexican Government. Mexican constitution
Voyage endured by Africans slaves across the Atlantic. Middle Passage
When one company gains control over an entire industry. Monopoly
US would oppose spread of European influence in the Americas. Monroe Doctrine
Investigative journalists and writers who exposed social and corruption problems. Muckrakers
Covered parts of Europe and Asia. Muslim Empire in 750 A.D.
Gives full voting writes to women. 19th Amendment
Political bosses used this these methods to gain power and wealth. No association with politicians, kickbacks, signing contracts with the city
Won by T. Roosevelt for settling the Russo-Japanese War. Nobel Peace Prize
Factory that DOES NOT allow it's workers to belong to a union. Open shop
Protects and inventor's rights to make use or sell his invention. Patent
Founder of colony where people of different religions and nationalities could live together peacefully. William Penn
Reform movement that protested unfair and corrupt business practices in rural areas. Populism
Restrictions on immigration voting reforms and government ownership of railroads. Populists supported these
Issued by Lincoln at the start of the Civil War. Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction
Reform movement that improved the living and working conditions in cities. Progressivism
Process of making damaged land productive again. Reclamation
Supported all-white-persons- government. Redeemers
Became President after the assassination of William McKinley. Roosevelt, Theodore
Community centers that offered education training and cultural centers. Settlement houses
Gives voters the power to elect their senators directly. 17th Amendment
Negotiated to buy Alaska from Russia. William Seward
Outlawed all monopolies and trusts. Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Portugal's most important source of income in the late 1500's. Slave Trade
The "fittest" people would succeed while the "unfit" would fail. Social Darwinism
Wanted all major industries to be publicly owned. Socialist Party
Began after the destruction of the USS MAINE. Spanish-American War
Campaign slogan of Theodore Roosevelt. Square Deal
Favored dollar diplomacy in Latin America. William Howard Taft
Muckraking author of History of the Standard Oil Company. Ida Tarbell
This invention created new jobs for women. Telephone
All citizens have "equal protection under the law". 13th Amendment
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