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10th Chapter1 review

chapter 1 test review

Archaeologists in Mexico found signs that people in Mesoamerica were the first to grow __ Maise/corn
The first European explorers to reach the shores of North America were ___ Scandinavian Vikings led by Leif Eriksson
Paleo-Indians who migrated into North America were ___ Hunter-gatherers
The development of this led to the development of complex societies among Native American groups. agriculture
The Aztecs created a large empire by conquering most of the groups living in what area? Central Mexico
Rectangular dwellings made from logs and bark were known as ___ longhouses
Timbuktu became a center is Islamic culture and learning because ___ Mali's rulers embraced Islam
The Iroquois were a Native American culture group. Who controlled this group? in which women controlled material goods
During the Middle Ages, these were people who gave their services in exchange for land.__ vassals
During the mid-and late Middle Ages who lost their power? ___ nobles lost power as monarchs expanded their control over vast areas
One of the first documents to help to help protect the rights of free individuals was ___ Magna Carta
The Christians who embarked on the Crusades were urged to do so by ___ Pope Urban II
During the early Middle Ages, monasteries __ became centers of education and book production
Writing symbols images that represent ideas are ___ glyphs
People in martilineal societies trace their ancestry through their fathers. Martilineal societies trace their ancestry through their mothers.
The first Paleo-Indian migration into Alaska occurred sometime between 38,000BC and 10,000 BC This is true
The Crusades began in 1095 to regain possession of the Holy Lands from the Muslims This is true
William of Normandy's survey of his realm resulted in ___. the rise of feudalism
Paleo-Indians first entered North America __ by crossing a land bridge called Beringia
Muhammad, a merchant who lived on the Arabian Peninsula, founded a religion called __. Islam
The Iroquois were one of the most powerful people in North America, how were they governed? They were guided by the Iroquois League council
What role did women play in Iroquois culture? They could select male members of the Iroquois Council, veto their decisions and remove its members, and were responsibile for most aspects of community life.
Why did the Paleo-Indians first move into North America? Searching/following game to hunt.
Created by: dennamorris