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Global Studies Final

Semester 1 Final

What is most likely to be a centrifugal force within the EU in the future? cultural differences
How has the EU promoted economic cooperation across Europe? It has reduced trade barriers
What happens when a member country does not agree with a decision made by the EU government? The country must carry out the decision anyway.
The European Union began with the development of a common market
forces that pull people together centripetal forces
Sometimes countries give up some control of their own affairs to work together on goals they all share. This is a form of supranational cooperation.
Vertical trade is the trading of goods between lowland and highland areas.
The Andes Mountains line the west coast of what continent? South America.
What can settlers in the Amazon basin do to promote sustainable development of the rainforest? plant crops that grow under the rainforest canopy
What happens when a hurricane moves over a large landmass? It loses strength.
Which aspect of a hurricane creates the most damage once the storm reaches land? storm surge
What causes the Coriolis effect? the rotation of Earth
Which of these is the best definition of an El Niño? a warm ocean current
What is the scientific study of climate and weather called? meteorology
Hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards are all examples of extreme weather
What has happened to the traditional Mayan religious beliefs in Guatemala? They have blended with Catholicism
How have Mayan markets adapted to the modern world? Money has replaced bartering
Which type of farmers are most likely to use slash and burn techniques subsistence farmers
How do most Mayan children learn traditional skills such as farming and weaving from their parents
A traditional culture is based mainly on which type of farming or agriculture ? slash and burn agriculture
Which term describes a group that has lived in an area since before it was taken over by outsiders? indigenous people
As Mexico City has grown, it has seen decreases in? The average family size
Which is the most important “pull factor” that draws farm families to Mexico City? economic opportunity
What is the definition of brain drain? When skilled workers move to other countries
What is not a major pull factor drawing people to the United States from other countries? Persecution
major push factors that cause people to leave their home countries hunger, poverty, violent conflict, persecution
Which term best describes people from other countries who enter the United States to start new lives? immigrants
What is not an immediate benefit of recycling increase in a nation's gross national product
Which of these countries leads the world in oil consumption ? United States
What is the main cause of hunger in the world? poverty
What term means the total value of goods and services a country produces in a year? Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The unique flora of Yosemite National Park includes Sequoia trees
What is the main reason in creating national parks? To preserve special places
What kind of information is shown on a topographical map? landforms and elevation
Atlanta has been called “the fastest-spreading human settlement in history.” Where has most of this settlement taken place since the 1990s? on the rural fringe
In 1973, Oregon placed growth boundaries around its urban areas. What was the main purpose of these boundaries? to stop development of farmland
Where is the suburb of a city most likely to be located? on the urban fringe
What is a major concern of people who oppose urban sprawl? habitat loss
The sea lamprey and zebra mussel are part of which of these Great Lakes ecosystem problems? invasive species
What term describes all of the rivers and streams that drain an area? watershed
How were the great lakes created? Melting Glaciers
Ice skating on a frozen canal in winter is an example of how Canadians in Ottawa have adapted to their environment.
An ecumene is a region that is well suited to permanent settlement. Which of these best defines Canada’s ecumene? the border region
What does an economic activity map of a country show? how its people make a living
What are coal, iron, uranium, and petroleum? natural resources
Which term means the pattern of weather over a long period of time? climate
What will you find on a map that shows physical features? landforms
What does a map’s scale compare? distance on a map with distance on Earth
What causes the changing of seasons throughout the year? the tilt of Earth's axis toward the sun
A meridian of longitude is an imaginary line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole.
What do geographers use to indicate the absolute location of any place on Earth? a global grid
What is geography? the study of earth and its people
How did the cyanide poison spread from the Romanian mine spill? Through the Danube River watershed
Countries with aging populations are likely to face rapidly rising costs in what areas? Pensions and health care
Radiation spilled at Chernobyl spread across international boundaries by winds. This is known as what type of pollution? Trans-boundary pollution
countries in Europe with a replacement rate under 2.0 are probably experiencing what type of growth? negative population growth
A major cause of acid rain is? The burning of fossil fuels
Urban Sprawl concerns many people because it creates? habitat loss
Why did Oregon place boundaries around its urban areas in 1973? To protect farmland
Which country consumes more oil than any other country on earth? The United States
Recycling does not immediately benefit The reduction of natural resources
Which group in Mexico City enjoys the highest standard of living? The "haves"
As Mexico City has grown, It has actually seen a decrease in average family size
Mexico was more rural than urban until the decade of ? 1960's
A traditional culture is based mainly on ? The ancestor's way of life
How do most Mayan children learn traditional ways of life like farming and weaving? From their parents
Studying your reading challenges will improve your chances of passing this final exam? True or False ? TRUE !!!!
What happens when an EU member country does not agree with a decision made by a majority of the EU member countries? It must follow the decision anyway
A European country with a replacement rate under 2.0 is probably experiencing what? A population that is growing older
In general, what population change has occurred in most European countries since the year 2000? negative growth
If Italy has a fertility rate of just over 1 and Nigeria has a fertility rate of more than 5, which country probably has a younger population? Nigeria
A country with an aging population is most likely to experience rapidly rising costs in what? pensions and healthcare
Created by: msasser
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