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Social Studies

Social Studies 1

Cargo The freight or items carried on a ship.
Cape of Good Hope The southern tip of Africa and the Portuguese wealth of spice trade.
Conquistadors A 16th century Spanish soldier who conquered civilizations of Mexico or Central America.
Global Age A period in the 1400s when, for the first time, Europeans had directed contact with Africans, Asians, and by Americans.
Line of Demarcation A line at 38 degrees wet longitude that separated the Spanish lands from the Portuguese lands.
Overseas Empires A place beyond or across an ocean.
Compass A device used to determine geographic location that consists of a magnetic needle that picots until it aligned with the Earth's magnetic field,
Lateen Sails Triangular sail.
Astrolabe A navigational device that uses the stars (and sun).
Spice Islands An island where many spices cam from the Melaka Islands to the East Indies.
Circumnavigate To sail or travel the whole world.
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