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World War One


What was the largest battle the U.S troops fought Argon Forest
The Black Hand wanted a larger what Serbia
What plan stated "Paris for breakfast, St Petersburg for dinner Schlieffen plan
Who took the longest to mobilize Russia
What was the largest gun in WWI Big Bertha
What were the new countries at the end of WWI Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Poland, Lafia, Historia
How much did Germany Pay for war damages 33 Billion
Who visited his grandmothers and got jealous of her ship. Both Boy and Grandmother Kizer Wilhelm and Queen Victoria
What nation disappeared after WWI Russia, Serbia, Austria-Hungary
What battle started trench warfare Battle of Marnes
What WWI leader didnt want to be one Czar Nicholas
Who was incharge when the Lusitania sank Winston Churchill
What were the gardens called that people were urged to plant for the soldiers Victory Gardens
Who was in charge of the Conservation of Energy Harry Garfield
Where was Archduke Ferdinand Assassinated Sarajevo
What were the Germans Boats called U-Boats
Who was Serbia's biggest ally Russia
What was the pledge to not sink ships Sussex Pledge
Paris- Priest conference created this treaty treaty of versaille
First Country to declare war Austria-Hungary
What court case stated that freedom of speech can be courtailed if danger is present Shank Vs. Us
Name of organization started by Woodrow Wilson League of Nations
This Act made it illegal to be disloyal to the Country Sedition Act
What act mad it illegal to aid the enemy Espionage Act 1917
When did the war end, and who surrendered 11/11/1918, Germany
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