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What nations did China trade with? Africa, Japan, Korea, India
What nation bordered China to the north? Mongolia
Why did China trade mostly by sea rather than through their mainland? Difficult land forms to travel across
What place did Buddhism originate from? India
What caused cities to develop in China? trade
Who wass the founder of the mongol empire? Genghis Khan
Who started the Ming dynasty? Hongwu
Which Ming emperor build the forbidden city? Yongle
Why did Zheng He travel for China? To gain respect and establish trade
How did the Mongol Empire improve China? Opened up trade between Europe and China
What term means the development of a city? Urbanization
How did the compass influence the modern world? The compass helped create many other technologies such as GPS and radar
How did Wendi of the Sui Dynasty reunify China once again? Killed 59 royal princes, restored China's traditions, and freedom of religion.
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