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Asia Test Studyguide

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Who was the original founder of the Mongol empire? Genghis Khan
Where did Buddhism originally come from? India
What nation borders China to the north? Mongolia
Chinese Philosopher, who had a great influence on the Chinese government? Confucius
What led to the fall of the Han dynasty? Corruption, Food Shortages, and Nomadic Invasions
What nations did China trade with? India, Arabia, Africa, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.
What is it called, when a person is believed to chosen by heaven to rule? Mandate of Heaven
What religion, helped China get through 361 years of chaos? Confucianism
What religion that blended with Confucian ideas, said that you have to live in harmony with nature? Taoism
What type of government has highly organized departments run by different officials Bureaucracy
What dynasty allowed people from every social class, to work in the government? Ming Dynasty
Who started the Ming Dynasty? Hongwu
Who built the Forbidden City? Yongle
What is tribute? A payment as a sign of respect from one country to another
What happened to trade because of the Mongols conquering so much land? Trade became much safer
What admiral sailed for China during the Ming Dynasty, to collect tribute, and spread China's name? Zheng He
What Dynasty reunified China, after 361 years in chaos? Sui Dyansty
Who was the later Mongol leader of China? Kublai Khan
What are 3 inventions made by the Chinese? Compass Gunpowder Fireworks
In what year did Kublai Khan die? 1294
What was the last dynasty of China that lasted until 1911? Qing Dyansty
What was the environment like in Mongolia? Cold and Harsh
What does Genghis Khan's name mean? Universal Ruler
What is the name of Genghis Khan's son? Ogadai
What led to a surplus of rice in China? A new type of rice that grew faster
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