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Middle East

History and Development

Anti-Semitism discrimination against Jews
Holocaust the mass murder of millions of Jews and other people during WWII
Zionism the belief that Jews should have a country in their ancient homeland (Israel)
Taliban group of radical Muslims that controlled the government of Afghanistan
Saddam Hussein the dictator of Iraq during the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom
What did the British promise the Arabs in exchange for revolting against the Ottoman Empire? Arab independence, their own nation, gold
Which modern day country has the descendants of the Ottoman Empire? Turkey
What happened to the Ottoman Empire at the end of WWI? The empire collapsed and the land was divided between the winning European countries, mainly France and Britain.
How have the borders drawn by European countries caused problems in the former Ottoman Empire? The borders were drawn without considering ethnic groups, religious groups or historical borders. This has led to conflict.
Why did the British want land in SW Asia? oil
Who created Israel in 1948? Why? The United Nations created Israel as a result of Zionism and the Holocaust.
How did Palestinians react to the creation of Israel? Who are their allies? The Palestinians were angry, and the other Arab countries in the Middle East allied with them.
What happened right after Israel was created? What was the result? The Palestinians and other Arab countries attacked Israel. Israel won and gained more land.
What caused the Persian Gulf War? Iraq invaded Kuwait in order to gain access to the Persian Gulf.
How was the US involved in the Persian Gulf War? The United States sided with Kuwait and fought to remove the Iraqis from Kuwait.
Why were UN inspectors sent to Iraq? To make sure Iraq had destroyed their weapons of mass destruction.
Why did the US begin Operation Iraqi Freedom? The United States saw Iraq as a threat to the United States and its interests in the Middle East.
Why did the US invade Afghanistan? The government of Afghanistan gave safe harbor to al Qaeda, which launched the September 11, 2001 attacks.
Who was the leader of al Qaeda when the September 11 attacks occurred? Osama bin Laden
Put the 3 recent wars in SW Asia in order. Persian Gulf War, War in Afghanistan, Operation Iraqi Freedom
Why do many Kurds want to be independent? They don’t have their own country and are often discriminated against or even attacked in the counties they live in now.
What is the main source of conflict between Sunni and Shia in SW Asia today? They are fighting for control of the countries that they live in. (land)
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