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U.S. History 1

Established Hull House and fought for women's rights. Jane Addams
180,000served in the Union army during the Civil War. African-Americans
Early trade unions. American Federation of Labor
In early 20th century they chose to stay at home rather than enter the business world. American Women
Lives of these people were greatly changed by European settlers. American Indians
Offered by Lincoln to all southerners who were loyal to the Constitution and would renounce slavery. Amnesty
His assassination triggered World War I. Archduke Franz Ferndinand
Founder of the American Red Cross. Clara Barton
US Army led Navajos here on the Long Walk of 1864. Bosque Redondo
Fought against the French and Indians in 1700's. British and Colonial Militias
This man said," From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever." Chief Joseph
Established policies for examining and hiring public employees. Civil Service Commission
A new government formed in 1861. Confederate States of America
This required young men to serve in the armed forces. Conscription
Theodore Roosevelt's term for the need to protect the environment. Conservation
Lavish spending of money to impress others. Conspicuous Consumption
Way for farmers to work together to cut costs and increase profits. Cooperatives
Northerners who agreed with the South on Reconstruction issues. Copperheads
Confederacy believed that France or Britain would assist the South because they depended on this commodity. Cotton
Supreme Court ruled this case that African-Americans were not citizens. Dred Scott Case
Made alcoholic beverages illegal. 18th Amendment
Ray Stannard Baker's book about lynching in Ohio. Following the Color Line
Attacked by Confederate forces, thus beginning the Civil War. Fort Sumter
Eluded capture by US Army and placement on a reservation. Geronimo
Illegal or dishonest way of gaining money or political power. Graft
Voters can introduce legislation by this means. Initiative
Opposed by most railroad owners. Interstate Commerce
Merchants carried this religion to Africa in the 700's Islam
This country remained neural until it joined the Allies in 1915. Italy
These laws were past by Southern states to create segregation. Jim Crow Laws
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