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Civics Midterm


Why did the Founding Fathers separate the power to make, enforce, and interpret laws between different branches of government? They did not want one branch to have all the power.
What gives citizens the right to overthrow a government that violates their natural rights? The Declaration of Rights.
What are the six goals of the Preamble of the Constitution? Form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote for the general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty for ourselves.
What is meant by "the rule of law"? For all citizens to obey the law.
Define: A. The Federal System B. Separation of Powers C. Checks and Balances D. Popular Sovreignty A. The Federal System divides the gov. between federal, state, and local. B. The gov. is separated into legislative, executive, and judicial. C. Limits branches (keep in check).D. The principle that the gov. is kept through consent of citizens.
What are the steps to become a U.S. citizen? Have a background check, a civics test, and the Oath of Allegiance.
What does any person born in U.S. territory automatically become? A U.S. citizen.
Why is it important for a U.S. citizen to pay taxes? The taxes goes to the gov. for services for the country.
How does registering to vote fulfill a responsibility of being a citizen? When you register to vote, you are able to be on a jury, which is a responsibility.
What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights? It protects citizens and gives them rights and powers.
How does the 5th Amendment protect an individual's property? It says that someone's private property cannot be used or searched unlawfully.
To what age did the 26th Amendment lower the voting age to? 18
How did the 24th Amendment allow more Americans to vote? It allowed people who couldn't pay poll taxes to still vote.
What does the Democratic Party support? They support the gov. being involved in citizen's/businesses issues.
What is a party platform? A party platform focuses on issues they agree with.
What would citizens want to ask to determine whether a lobbyist is working on behalf of the public interest? What are you promoting?
What is the purpose of public opinion polls? To know what the country agrees with.
Define: A. bandwagon B. glittering generalities C. name calling D. plain-folks appeal A. Everyone else is doing it, so you should too. B. A slogan tha shows the topic, but doesn't provide info. C. Using negative words to describe an opponent. D. Saying that the subject is casual/"just like you".
Describe: A. city council B. focus group C. interest group D. political party A. Governing body of a city. B. A group of people discussing opinions about a topic. C. A group of people strongly supporting a cause. D. An organization that tries to influence gov. policy.
What is a foreign policy matter? It tells how a country is supposed to deal with another country.
What are similarities between the U.S. Constitution and the Florida Constitution? They both say that that there has to be 3 branches of gov.
What does the 22nd Amendment provide? It limits the presidential term.
Who is the top official of law enforcement at county level? A mayor.
Created by: ER5