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SS 5-2

SS Section 5-2

Why did the redcoats set up camps in Boston? The protests such as Liberty that the colonists did worried the British
Why did the colonists feel as if the British pushed them too far? The troops were stationed in the center of the city, acted rude and violently toward the colonists, and competed off-hours for jobs that Bostonians wanted
When did the Boston Massacre take place? March 5, 1770
What was the Boston Massacre? The tragic encounter with the soldiers called "redcoats", the tension finally broke out between the redcoats and colonists
Who was Crispus Attucks? A dockworker who was part African, part Native American, who died in the Boston Massacre
What is propaganda? Information designed to influence opinion
What two men helped change the opinion of the colonists negatively toward the British using propaganda? Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere
Why did Parliament repeal all the Townshend Acts except on tea? The Boston Massacre led many colonists to call for stronger boycotts on British goods, which worried the British
In 1772, who set up a committee of correspondence? Samuel Adams
What was the committee of correspondence? an organization used in earlier protests that circulated writings about colonists' grievances with Britain
What was the Tea Act of 1773? It gave the British East India Company the right to ship tea to the colonies without paying most of the taxes usually placed on tea
Why did colonial merchants call for a new boycott of British goods? The argued that the Tea Act was just another way for Britain to crust the colonies' liberty
When was the Boston Tea Party? December 16, 1773 at midnight
What was the Boston Tea Party? A group of men (Sons of Liberty) who dressed as Mohawks boarded the British ships full of tea and threw 342 chests full of tea overboard
What were the Coercive Acts passed in 1774? Harsh laws passed by Britain intended to punish people of Massachusetts for their resistance of the Boston Tea Party, and closed Boston Harbor
What was the Quebec Act? It set up a permanent government for Quebec and granted religious freedom to French Catholics, also called the Intolerable Acts by the colonists
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