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APUSH Midterm


Mayflower Compact Form of government on journey to the new world
Roger Williams Founder of Rhode Island (freedom of religion with belief in Jesus). Criticized Puritanism and was banned from Massachusetts.
Great Puritan Migration A movement of the puritan people to the new world from europe
New England Confederation a military alliance between the New England colonies
Freedom of Consciences Freedom to practice religion of choice
Jonathan Edwards Christian preacher who stimulated the Great Awakening
William Penn Quaker. Founder of Pennsylvainia
George Whitefield Influential Christian preacher
Thomas Hobbes promoted the idea of sovereignty.
Mercantilism Making profit off trade
Phyllis Wheatly First recognized black writer.
House of Burgesses First legislature in VA.
Anne Hutchinson teamed up with Roger Williams in Rhode Island
William Bradford Introduced the first american prayer book
John Locke Enlightenment thinker
Iroquois Confederacy An alliance of the 5 indian tribes in the New England territory
James Oglethorpe Founder of Georgia.
Proclamation of 1763 Set the proclamation line telling colonists not to go past App. Mountains
Crisis Papers Documents written promoting the independence of america from britain
Pontiac's Rebellion Attacks from Native Americans on colonists after dislike with the french-indian postwar conditions
Paxton Boys A group of irish colonists who formed together and attacked innocent indian tribes
Battle of Saratoga turning point of the war after american victory.
Gaspee Affair The HMS Gaspee sailed into shallow waters and members of the Sons of Liberty raided and took all the goods on the ship.
Virtual Representation The idea that the colonists were being thought of when making decisions in parliament
Olive Branch Petition a petition for peace with the king and he respect their rights.
Non-importation Agreements refusing to import british made goods
Embargo act of 1807 An attempt to make America self sufficient by cutting off all imports. Pushed us into the industrial revolution
Gabriel Prosser's Rebellion Slave rebellion in richmond that was soiled and led to the hanging of 25 slaves.
Annapolis Convention a pre constitutional convention that stated a grievance of the Articles of Confederation. Not many showed up and was rescheduled for the constitutional convention in Pennsylvania
Hartford Convention Federalist met to discuss grievances of War of 1812. Ultimately led to the downfall of the federalist party.
Corrupt Bargain political scandal of John Quincy Adam's election.
Gibbons v Ogden Decided that trade laws were up to congress not the states.
Critical Period period between the end of the revolutionary war and the ratification of the consitution
Deism belief in a supreme being.
Samuel Slater Father of the Industrial Revolution
Benjamin Banneker African American scientist and author
Haitian Rebellion Slave revolt ending slavery in Haiti
Marbury v Madison Deemed the midnight judges appointed by John Adams unconstitutional.
Yeoman Farmers a free farmer who relies on himself for food.
Adams-Onis Treaty Set a boundary between spain and America and allowed us to buy Florida.
Citizen Genet French diplomat who tried to get America into the war between England and France.
Seneca Falls Convention Women's rights convention that was supported by a few men but they backed out once word got out of them supporting women's rights.
Stephen Douglas Drafted the Kansas-Nebraska act
Wilmot Proviso an attempt to ban any legalized slavery in the newly acquired mexican territory
Maine Laws Pushed for temperance in Maine
Dred Scott v Sandford ruled that the federal government had no say in free or slave states
Bank War the issue of the rechartering of the Second National Bank during Jacksons presidency.
Nullification The idea of discarding a federal law in specific states. ex) colorado pot.
Commonwealth v. Hunt ruled that labor unions are consitutitonal and therefor legal.
Webster-Ashburton Treaty finalized the borders between America and northern british territories.
John Slidell Politician sent by polk to negotiate with Mexico that the Rio Grande would be the southern border.
Worcester v Georgia prohibited non native americans from being on native american lands.
Clayton Bulwer Treaty Decided that any canal built connecting the atlantic and pacific oceans would be unfortified.
Trent Affair incident challenging freedom of seas and almost led to a war with britain and america.
Know Nothing/American Party political party made to keep the power out of the immigrants hands.
Prigg v Pennsylvania stated the fugitive slave law dominated the pennsylvania law that escaped blacks could not be taken out of penn.
Freeport Doctrine Slavery could only exist where slave codes were passed.
Force Act acts passed to protect the rights of free slaves given to them by the 14th and 15th amendments.
Homestead Act Gave land to people willing to migrate west. Promoted western expansion.
Lucretia Mott female quaker, abolitionist, and female rights advocator.
Nashville Convention extended the missouri compromise to the pacific ocean
Morrill Land Grant Act granting land to states for college purposes
Compact Theory saying that the constitution is collectively made by the states and the states can break it.
Gag Rule limiting discussion or debate on a specific topic
William Seward arranged the purchase of Alaska from Russia
Brigham Young Led the mormon religion
Tariff of Abominations raised the tariff on imported goods. Protected the north but harmed the south
Ostend Manifesto set up the purchase of cuba from spain and said we would start war if they said no.
Battle of Antietam first major battle of the Civil war fought on union soil.
Neal Dow father of prohibition
Sumner-Brooks Affair Caning of charles sumner
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