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SS 5-1

SS Section 5-1

Who issued the Proclamation of 1763? Great Britain
What did the Proclamation of 1763 do? Stopped the colonists from westward expansion (past the Appalachian Mountains)
What were the advantages for Britain that came from the Proclamation of 1763? allowed British government to control Westward expansion, conflict with NA's would be avoided, protected the interests of the British officials who wanted fur trade
Why were the colonists worried with the Proclamation of 1763? They feared that the large number of British troops would interfere with their liberty, they saw it as it was taking away their liberty
What left Britain with a huge debt? The French and Indian War
What did the British do to get rid of their debt? Tax the colonists by placing new laws in order
What did George Grenville do to reduce Britain's debt as the prime minister? He convinced Parliament to pass a law allowing smugglers to be sent to vice-admiralty courts
What were the writs of assistance? They were legal documents that allowed customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods
What did the Sugar Act do when it was passed in 1764? It lowered the tax on molasses hoping that the lower tax would convince the colonists to Pay tax instead of smuggling, and let officers seize goods from smugglers without going to court
What was the difference between regular courts and vice-admiralty courts? vice-admiralty courts:"guilty unless proved innocent" regular courts:"innocent unless proved guilty"
What did the Stamp Act do when it was passed in 1765? It placed tax on almost all printed material in the colonies
What was the Quartering Act? It forced the colonies to pay for housing British Troops in taverns, inns, vacant buildings, and barns, also colonists were expected to provide food and drink
What did Patrick Henry do? He persuaded the burgesses to take action in the Stamp Act
Who started the Sons of Liberty? Samuel Adams
Why did nine delegates meet in New York at the Stamp Act Congress in October 1765? To draft a petition to the king and Parliament declaring that the colonies could not be taxed except by their own assemblies
What did the Declaratory Act do the day it was passed in 1766? It stated that Parliament had the right to tax and make decisions for the British colonies "in all cases"
What were the Townshend Acts passed in 1767? In these acts the British leaders tried to avoid some of the problems the Stamp Act caused, new taxes only applied on imported goods
Why did the colonists boycott British goods a second time? They believed that only their representatives had the right to tax them
Who were the Daughters of Liberty? Women in the colonies who supported to boycott of British goods, and urged Americans to wear home made fabrics and produce other goods that were only available from the British before
Created by: mcaselt