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Moose-New State

A New State

Before the American Revolution, what was the de facto government of SC called? Committee of 99
What did the Provincial Congress in SC do before the Declaration of Independence was signed? raise an army, issue currency, enforce laws
Why did William Henry Drayton lead a group to the Up Country in 1775? to persuade the Up Country people to support the Patriots
What was the Treaty of Ninety-Six? an agreement of neutrality
Why was the Treaty of Ninety-Six unsuccessful? fighting broke out over arrests and imprisonment of Up Country citizens
What did the first constitution of SC do? provided a temporary government until the conflict with the British was resolved
In what way was the lower house of the legislature chosen under the first SC constitution? elected by the people
What was the representation like under the second SC constitution? more equal between Low Country and Up Country
How did the second SC constitution deal with the idea of religion and government? The Church of England did not receive state support.
What happened to the economy of SC after the American Revolution? The British markets for SC planters and merchants were gone.
Specifically how was the Up Country affected by the Revolution? They lacked the basic necessities.
Why was the capital moved from Charleston after the American Revolution? The people of the Up Country were upset about traveling to the Low Country.
What was the name of the new capital? Columbia
What was the purpose of the reduction of the number of representatives in the lower house in 1790? for the Low Country to retain the majority int the General Assembly
What voting requirements were in the 1790 SC Constitution? white male, 21 years old, own at least 50 acres or town lot
What was the representation like based on the 1790 SC Constitution? slaveholders had more control in the legislature
What were the effects of the American Revolution on the economy of the Low Country? rice yields were low, slaves ran away, plantation fields were damaged by war, subsidies were gone, British markets were gone, planters couldn't pay back creditors
Created by: camoose