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Staining Properties

WVSOM Class of 2012 Staining Properties

hematoxylin is what kind of stain? a dark blue or purple dye; anything that stains with hematoxylin is called basophilic
eosin is what kind of a stain? an acidic dye that stains basic components red or pink; structures that stain with eosin are called acidophilic or eosinophilic
why do the nuclei in cells stain blue? because of the heterochromatin (ionized phosphate) that resides within it
what color is the nucleolus? basophilic
silver stain is for what kind of tissues? nervous tissue, reticular fibers (type III collagen)
which stain stains glycogen & various carbohydrates with aldehyde? PAS
what is the goal of immunocytochemstry? visualize some component in a tissue section by means of an antibody
what structures does hematoxylin stain? acidic structures (DNA & RNA)
which H & E stain is more specific? hematoxylin
is the ECM basophilic or eosinophilic? eosinophilic
what stain is used for elastic fibers that don't stain well with H & E? elastic stain
elastic stain stains fibers what color? purple or black
which stain is used to stain collagen? masson's trichrome (also called connective tissue technique)
trichrome stain stains nuclei what color? cytoplasm? connective tissue? the nuclei appear blue, the cytoplasm a bright red, and the connective tissue aqua bluegreen
tissues or cells that stain with a silver salt are referred to as what? argyrophilic
PAS stains what color? dark magenta
why do basement membranes stain magenta with PAS? proteoglycans
PAS is commonly used to look at what structure? bowman's capsule
these stains cause tissue to take on a different color than the dye: metachromic stains
what is the most common artifact in slides? shrinkage
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