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8th Grade Maire

Fall '13 semester review

John Smith leader of jamestown colony
John Rolfe brought concept of growing smoking tobacco to Jamestown
Puritans group who wanted to purify the Church of England
Pilgrims a group of separatists who left England to escape persecution after cutting all ties with the Church of England
William Bradfod leader of the Pilgrims
Mayflower Compact first attempt at self-government in the English colonies written on the Mayflower
Great Migration between 1630 and 1640 many people from England left because of economic, political, and religious problems
Thomas Hooker minister who founded Connecticut, drafted the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut set of principles that made Connecticut's government more democratic
Quakers Society of Friends, made up one of the largest religious groups in New Jersey, believed all people had an inner light that could help them experience God. Supported non violence as well as religious tolerance for all peoples
William Penn founded Pennsylvania, provided a safe place for Quakers. He tried to create a government that was fair to all its people. He limited power so that the will of the man would not hinder the good of the whole country.
William Penn Provided a way of changing colonies laws to reflect the will of the people/Sold land at low prices, promised religious freedom to all Christians & said government would take care of the poor. His government was a key example for representative government
New England Colonies Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island
Middle Colonies New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware
Southern Colonies Virgina, Maryland, North and South Carolina, Georgia
John Locke Enlightenment thinker, believed in the idea of a social contract between government and people of the state where people have natural rights such as Liberty and equality
John Locke He believed that the people should obey their rulers only if the rulers protect their life, liberty, & property
Mercantilism this concept affects the colonies & England. It is an economic system where a nation controls trade in order to create wealth. This was GOOD for England & BAD for the colonies.
Mercantilism Late 1600's-1700's. It is important because it upset the colonies, who forced to trade with England, no matter the price of goods.
Triangular trade this was a way for colonial merchants to find the best markets for their products. This was a system where goods were traded between the colonies, West Indies & Africa or between the colonies & Great Britian.
English Bill of Rights 1689, this was a document passed after the Glorious Revolution, & it limited the power the monarch could have. It shifted some power from a monarch to a representative body (Parliament)
Navigation Acts between 1650 & 1696 it required that the colonists do most of their trading with England. It set duties on some trade product
Great Awakening this was a time in the 1730's & 1740's a widespread Christian movement that involved sermons and revivals the emphasized faith in God. It affected, social, political, & religious life in the colonies.
Boycott refuse to buy certain goods
propaganda stories or images designed to show a single point of view
repeal to cancel
Samuel Adams No taxation w/o representation, started the Sons of Liberty
Son of Liberty Secret colonial societies that urged violence to frighten tax collectors
republicanism when people elect representatives in the government who represent them
Constitution a document that sets up the basic principles for a government
Ratification make something a law by official approval
Daniel Shays farmer who led Shays Rebellion against Massaschusets
Federalism when states and national governments share power
Amendment correct , add to, or officially change
James Madison wrote the Virgina plan
Federalists believed the Constitution provided a good balance of star and national power
Anti Federalist wanted a bill of rights added to the constitution
Federalist papers purpose was to explain the need for a federal government
Bill of Rights 1st ten amendments of the constitution, give us unalienable rights or personal freedoms
Townsend Acts placed duties on lead, glass, paints, paper, & tea. Colonists felt this took power away from them
Boston Tea Party Dec. 16, 1773 Colonists disguised as Indians boarded British ships in Boston Harbor. Dumped cargo of tea into the harbor in response to the Tea Act of 1773
Stamp Act law passed by Parliament requiring colonies to pay for an official stamp whenever they bought a paper product
Tea Act of 1773 Passed by Parliament. Allowed East India Company to sell tea directly to colonies.
Coercive Acts Acts initiated by Parliament after the Boston Tea Party
Treaty of Paris Officially ended the French and Indian War
French & Indian War British replaced the French as the European power in the Ohio RIver Valley. Also know as the Sever Years War in Great Britain
Olive Branch Petition paper signed on July 5, 1775. it was the last chance to keep peace between Britain and the colonies
Unalienable rights life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness, these things can not be taken away from you
Common Sense written by Thomas Paine, pamphlet argued for breaking away from England
Thomas Paine wanted to break away from Britain, wrote a pamphlet to convince the people to break away also wrote "The Crisis" a newspaper that tired to convince soliders to stay and fight the war
Declaration of Independence a document that expressed the ideas of unalienable rights, how the colonists had been violated, and that they colonies has the right to break away from Great Britain
Thomas Jefferson author of the Declaration of Independence
Loyalists also called Tories, these were colonists who chose to stay loyal to Great Britain
Patriots colonists who chose to fight for independence
Benjamin Franklin worked as a delegate in France to increase French support in the war effort
Lexington and Concord First battle of the American Revolution
Battle of Bunker Hill First Major Battle of the American Revolution
Battle of Yorktown Final major battle of the American Revolution, Americans win the American Revolution October 20, 1781
Explain what the "shot heard round the world" 1st shot of the American Revolution, happened at Lexington & Concord - 1st battle of the Revolution
What was decided at the Second Continental Congress? reached a compromise & decided to continue to boycott British goods, & sent a letter to King George III listing the colonists rights & freedoms
What treaty ended the American Revolution Treaty of Paris 1863
What was the Middle Passage This was the journey of millions of slaves crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Africa
What types of cash crops did they grow in the southern colonies Tobacco, rice, indigo
What was the House of Burgesses and why is it significant It was the second house of Virginia's assembly; it was founded in 1619 in Jamestown. It was the first colonial legislature in North America.
What events led to the Boston Massacre A British guard argued with angry colonists. Shots were fired.
Who won the French and Indian War? British
Northwest Ordinance of 1787 divided the land around the Great Lakes, which was then sold to the US citizens
Explain Shay's rebellion and what it did for the A of C made the government realize they needed to do something to fix the A of C
Constitutional Convention What delegates got together to discuss a change in the Articles of Confederation
Constitutional Convention Where Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pensylvania
Constitutional Convention When 1787
Constitutional Convention Goal to revamp the Articles of Confederation
Explain the Great Compromise decided to have two congress, one based on population, on of equal representation
Pocahontas married John Rolfe, helped bring peace between Powhatan and Jamestown
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