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American Cultures

What is montotherism? the idea that there is only one god
what is the Columbian Exhcange? spanish voyages stage for a great exchange. Europeans introduced cows, hogs and other domestic animal. western introduced food and plants.
what body of water once connected Siberia and Alaska? Bering Strait
Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Give thanks to our good fortune.
Whar Colonies make up the New England Colonies? Massachusetts, Conneceticut, Road Island.
What colonies make up the Middle Colonies? New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware.
What Colonies make up the southern colonies? Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolin, Georgia
Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were found by two distinct groups, what were those groups and how did they differ? Quakers and Purilons
which colony was originally a dutch settlement and what was it named before being taken over by the english? New Neatherland
what was the mayflower compact and why was it created? Pilgrims sailed for virginia on a ship, to make a new government
What middle colony is known for its religious toleration and welcomed amish and jewish settlers? what is religious toleration? Pennsylvania recognized that other people the right different opinion
why was John Peter Zenger taken to court? How did this set up our freedom of the press today? critisize the gevernment. allowed people critisize the government.
what are Nevigation Acts? why did the coloniests not like them? How did some coloniest try to get around the negative acts all trades went to england before any of the other.
Why did the colonist not like the Navigation acts? they smoggled all trades went to England before any others.
Describe how the Great Awakening influenced the colonies they set extensive rules on moral and religous matters
The declaration of Independence is one of our nations most scared documents. who wrote it? Thomas Jefferson
what were the difference between patroits and loyalists? Loyalists were loyal to the crown of england. Patriots supported the war.
What was the name of the treaty that ended the revolutionary war? Treat of Paris
what was the historical significance of Daniel Rebellion? Shays Rebellion was armed uprising that took place in centeral western
Who is Olauduh Equiano and what did he do? What did he do? what is the middle passage? he was captured in the western africawhen he was captured when he was a boy. Described the conditons aboard a slave ship, Middle Passage- ensaved african.
what were some of the causes of the French and Indian War? to clam there land and the Ohio river valley,
who won the indian war? french
why did many people consider the Articles of Confederation to be too weak? it didint give enough power
Compare and contras the New Jersey and Virginia plans? Both plans provide something to improve the states. different because virginia had a strong country.
Name one person of the american Revolution and why is he important? Benedict Arnold- arnold fought for the Patriots
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