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Hannah's History

Unit 7 Statehood Test Review/Study Guide

What was the outcome of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? It ended the Mexican War
What best describes the era of Early Statehood in Texas history? Defining borders and expanding the population
Houston and Galveston are located in what part of Texas? Southeast Texas
What issue most likely influenced voters in voting for and against the 1845 Annexation of Texas? Expansion of slavery
After the Revolution we became the Republic of Texas, so naturally after annexation we became the State of Texas.
What was the cause and effect of the Mexican War? The cause is the disputed border between Texas/US and Mexico and the effect id the Rio Grande becomes official border
German and other European immigrants settled in San Antonio and New Braunfels. Where is this located on the map? In the center of Texas
You need to be able to find on the map the area gained by The United States as a result of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. It was all the land of Texas extending to California(near the Pacific Ocean)
Why did many Texans favor annexation to the United States? Texas debts from the republic would be paid
What was the primary reason that the United States did not want to annex Texas in 1837? Annexation would likely start a war with Mexico
Be able to list the following events in the order in which they happened: 1)Shots fired by both sides north of Rio Grande 2)The United States declares war on Mexico 3)Thousands of Texans volunteers to serve during the war 4)General Zachary Taylor defeats Santa Anna
Slave ownership in Texas occurred mainly in which areas of the state? South and east
What motivated President Polk to favor admitting Texas into the Union? His belief in Manifest Destiny
One characteristic of the Early Statehood era would be an eagerness for conflict.
The Texas-New Mexico Boundary Act did several things in Texas: award $10 million to Texas for territories, determine the western boundary of Texas, require some Texas territory be given up, and abolish slavery within Texas borders
Created by: arbabin
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