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Chapter 9 SS review

A chapter about the Revolutionary War

After Thomas Paine published Common Sense, many colonists urged- independence from the British.
Who was the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence? John Hancock
The size of the states determining the number of votes in congress was not a part of the Articles of Confederation.
People in the thirteen colonies who supported independence were called- Patriots.
Some African Americans fought during the war in order to gain- freedom.
Most Americans on the frontier who took a side in the Revolutionary War supported- the Patriots.
People, such as Quakers, who are against all wars because they believe that fighting for any reason is wrong are known as- pacifists.
Having the best training and most experienced officers is NOT an accurate description of the Continental army soldiers that George Washington first encountered.
What did the victory at Saratoga show the French? The Americans stood a chance of winning the war.
Benedict Arnold was known as a traitor because he- acted against his country.
The approval of the Declaration of Independence was NOT the final act of the Second Continental Congress.
The French and Spanish both aided the American war effort.
When the war was decided at Yorktown fighting still occurred in places throughout the colonies.
The Treaty of Paris officially named the United States of America as a new country.
Women in the colonies took an active part in the Patriots' war effort.
Created by: slohrenz