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The major line of latitude is? Equator
The major line of longitude is? Prime Meridian
The Equator divides the Earth into the ____ and ____ hemispheres Northern/ Southern
The Prime Meridian divides the Earth into the ____ and ____ hemispheres Eastern/Western
In the coordinates 0,122, 0 stands for which dividing line? Equator
In the coordinates 122, 0 , 0 stands for which dividing line? Prime Meridian
There ____(number) continents. 7
Which Continents are in the Southern hemisphere? (4) South America, Australia, Africa, Antartica
Which continent is in all hemispheres? Africa
Which continent is directly East of Canada Europe
Which continent is directly East of Europe Asia
Which continent is directly South of Asia? Australia
The Indian Ocean is surrounded by which 3 continents? Africa, Asia and Australia
The ___Ocean is the the East of the United States. Atlantic
The ___ Ocean is to the West of the United States. Pacific
Which landform is heavily forested? Taiga/ desert taiga
A LARGE raised area with a flat top is called a __. plateau
A ___ is a more narrow landmass surrounded on 3 sides by water like Italy. peninsula
A ____ is a more rounded, head shaped landmass surrounded by water on 3 sides cape
A ___ is a very narrow channel of water between two larger waterbodies. A ___ is a narrow waterway between landmasses strait, channel
An ____ is a narrow land bridge between two larger land masses like Panama. isthmus.
The area closest to the ______ is warmer. The farther from this you get, or the higher latitudes, the ___ it gets. equator, cooler
On a map, a ____ shows the relationship or ratio between real distance and the distance on a map. Ex. 1 inch= 100 miles scale
____ location explain where something is by using a nearby landmark to pinpoint the spot. Ex. The den is (next to, to the right of, east of, around )the kitchen. relative
____ location pinpoints a spot exactly using 2 or more points of reference. Ex. Latitude/Longitude or complete address absolute
The force of a river brings minerals and silt downriver. When it hits a more dense waterbody like a gulf, bay , cove or sound, the minerals are deposited at the mouth of a river in the ___. delta
Know the location of the 7 landmasses called ___ continents
Know the location of the 5 major waterbodies called__ oceans
Know the location of the major lines of latitude Equator, Tropic of Cancer ( 23.5 degrees N of equator) and Tropic of Capricorn ( 23.5 degrees S of Equator)
The tropics are an area of steady warm temperatures and high humidity . They are defined by two latitude lines, the ____ and the ___. Tropic of Cancer (N) and Tropic of Capricorn (S)
Butte, Mesa and Plateaus are all similar. They are a raised area with a ___ top. Which is smallest? flat, A butte is the smallest or "baby" sized...mesa is "mama" or medium sized and plateaus are "papa" sized or the largest
____ is the theme of geography that analyzes transfer of people, goods and ideas between places Movement
_____ is the theme of geography that analyzes how people and the environment are interdependent and affect each other Human- Environment Interaction
_____ involves not only the location of a place, but also its natural characteristics including climate, plant/animal life and natural resources. All of these influence a location's culture. Geography
Know which ____ the list of physical features (land and water features) are located upon continent
Know the location of the major line of longitude Prime Meridian at 0 degrees
Latitude and Longitude are like a coordinate system. ___ or N/S is like the X or first number. ___ or E/W is like the Y or the second number. Latitude, Longitude
The dividing line between Europe and Asia is Ural Mountains
___ directions such as North, South, East and West appear on the spikes of a Compass Rose Cardinal
___ directions are in between cardinal directions. They are ____, ____, ____, and ___. Intermediate, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest
The cardinal directions are: North, South, East and West
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