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Social Studies

Who was Napoleon Bonaparte? The ruler of France after the french revolution.Spread nationalism throughout Europe as he tried to build an empire for himself.
What were the three principles that Bonaparte accomplish? (1.)Legal equality for citizens,(2.)Tolerance for people to practice their own religions (1.)Legal equality for citizens,(2.)Tolerance for people to practice their own religions and,(3.)Economic freedom and the right to earn a living.
Who is Victor Emmanuel? King of Piedmont which is in the Northern Italy.He and Cavour planned to unite Italy.
Who was Camillo di Cavour? Prime Minister of the Piedmont,in Northern Italy .He and King Emanuel planned to unite in Italy.
Who was Giuseppe Garibaldi? Organized and lead in revolts in southern Italy.Was a master of guerrilla warfare.
Who was Wilhelm I? The king of Prussia who desired to build a powerful nation united in Germany nation.Otto von Bismarck was his prime minister and together they built a strong united Germany.
Who was Otto von Bismarck? Prime Minister of Prussia under Kaiser Wilhelm I.He was successful in uniting the northern German States.
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