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S.S. 13 Colonies

Review for the 13 Colonies Test

Name three of the New England colonies. Maine, New Hampshire , Massachusetts, Vermont,Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
Name three of the middle colonies. New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
Name three of the southern colonies. Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
How is the weather in the middle colonies different from the weather in the southern colonies and how did this affect the crops they could grow? The weather was warmer in the south. They could grow tobacco and indigo better since these crops prefer a warm climate.
What were some of the main jobs that colonists had in the New England colonies? Fishermen, Teacher, Blacksmith, shoemaker, logger. Very few colonists were farmers since their land didn't have good soil.
The white colonists of the south often lived on these. They were large farms with slaves to harvest the crops. Plantations
What was the main religious group that lived in the New England colonies? The Puritans
The leader of the Puritans was... John Winthrop
This man was an active Quaker from England who started the middle colonies... William Penn
This man founded the colony of Georgia that was known as the land of debtors (people who owe money to the government). James Oglethorpe
What does it mean to be in debt? To owe money to someone or the government.
True or False: The Quakers were not very peaceful and they fought many wars with other colonists and the Native Americans. False.
Why did the population of the colonies increase a lot from 1660-1760? The colonies offered a better way of life for people who chose to come. Some people wanted religious freedom, and others thought that the new land would bring them riches and new job opportunities to help their families.
What does the term import mean? To bring goods from another country for sale or use.
What does the term export mean? To send goods to other countries for sale or trade.
What was the triangular trade route? The three trade routes across the Atlantic that formed a triangle shape.
What was exported from the colonies to Africa in exchange for slaves? Rum, iron goods/tools, guns
Did African slaves decide to come to the colonies on their own or were they forced to come? They were forced to come away from their families and homeland.
In which colonial region (New England, Middle, or Southern) was slavery the most common? The southern region because they had many plantations where there was a lot of work to be completed.
Who is an indentured servant? People who worked in the colonies to pay for their past trip from England to the colonies.
What crop was exported from the middle colonies? Grains
What goods were exported from the New England colonies? Fish, Wood products, and ships
What crops did the southern colonies grow? Mainly tobacco, rice, and indigo.
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