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UIL 6th Grade

UIL 6th Grade practice

True or False: The legislative branch of each the Texas government and the US government have the same number of representatives and senators? False
Yes or No: Can a committee in the Texas legislature vote to send a bill to the governor? No
Which Texas historical figure not only led the Texas Army against Mexico, but also served as President of the Republic of Texas and Governor for the state of Texas? Sam Houston
Who was the first female governor of Texas? Miriam Ferguson
Who is the current Lieutenant Governor of Texas? Dan Patrick
According to Article I, Section 9, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution, writ of habeas corpus protects people from _____ except in times of rebellion or invasion. unlawful imprisionment
All bills _____ shall originate in the House of Representative according to Article 1, Section 7, Clause 1. raising revenue
The U.S. Constitution established three branches of government with each branch having its own powers. This seperation of powers gives all of the following powers to the Legislative branch except. . negotiate foreign treaties
The Bill of Rights is in the ___ to the U.S. Constitution. first 10 amendments
In the Bill of Rights, the First Amendment guarantees the right to ____ Freedom of speech, religion, petition
Which amendment in the Bill of Rights limits the government's ability to use private homes to house soliders? The Third Amendment
The framers of the Constitution stated their purposes in what part of the Constitution? The Preamble
True or False: A purpose of The U.S. Constitution is to promote imperialism? False
True or False As head of the executive branch a job of the President of the United States is to interpret the law? False: Judicial Branch interprets law
The framers of the Constitution hoped that the seperation of powers among the three branches would prevent the rise of all-powerful leader who would rob the people of liberty. How did they ensure one branch did not abuse power? Checks and Balance System
Who is the current Vice President of the United States? Joe Biden
Who is the current Speaker of the House John Boehner R from Ohio
The Constitutional Convention began in May of 1787 in Philadelphia, how many delegates met together to revise the Articels of Confederation? 55
What was the name of the plan that was an alternate plan to the Virginia Plan presented at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. It called for 3 branches of govt., one legislative house, and 1 vote per state regardless of population. The New Jersey Plan
Who was the oldest delegate at the Constitutional Convention? Benjamin Franklin
Due to his intelligence and ideas about how to structure a democratic government __ has been called the "Father of the Constitution." James Madison
This is a national symbol of the United States that was chosen because it symbolizes strength, courage and freedom. The Bald Eagle
What American patriotic symbol is depicted in an Army recruiting poster with the caption "I Want you for the U.S. Army?" Uncle Sam
What is a way citizens can participate in the democratic process? Voting
The __was written in 1620 by Seperatist searching for religious freedom. The document established the first form of government in the United States and would later be used when writing the U.S. Constitution. The Mayflower Compact
Around 500B.C., the idea of Democracy was born in ___ Greece
True or False: Culture is a way of life of people who share similiar beliefs customs and traditions? True
How are Chinese and North Korean governments similiar? Communist, Unlimited governments
Why do the people of Angola speak Portuguese? Angola was a colony of Portugal
During what war was the Star Spangled Banner written? War of 1812
The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were created by whom in 1639? Thomas Hooker, it allowed for more people to vote and made the government more representative
The word democracy is derived from two Greek words: demos, meaning ___ and kraos meaning "rule". "People"
Who is the current governor of Texas? Greg Abbott
Why did the colonies feel that they must declare their independence from Britain? The British King's abuse of power
Inalienable rights are. . . rights that cannot be taken away
Who asked the Continental Congress to vote for the independence by stating, "these United colonies are, and of right ought to be free and independent states." Richard Henry Lee
Why are the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution called the Bill of Rights? Each amendment guarantees a certain right is not specified in the Rights.
What branch of the U.S. government is charged with making laws? Legislative
What is a system set up in the Constitution in which each branch of the Federal government has he power to check and control action of the other branches? Checks and balances
What were the Articles of Confederation? The first plan of government for the United States. It gave more power to the states than to the central government
Who was an influential Virginian who refused to vote for the Constitution until a Bill of Rights was added? George Mason
Who is credited with proposing the Great Compromise? Roger Sherman
Which founding father was a diplomat, inventor and publisher? Benjamin Franklin
What is one of the most important civic responsibilities? to vote
Who is the current Secretary of Education Michael Lawrence Williams
When was the Declaration of Independence signed? July 4, 1776
How many colonies voted for the Declaration of Independence? Thirteen
Why was the phrase "insure domestic tranquility" included in the Preamble to the U.S. constitution? to keep peace within the country
What is an example of the Preamble's goal "to provide for the common defense?" Army
Where id the United States Congress meet to propose the Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution? New York
How many legislatures had to ratify the new articles for them to be added to the U.S Constitution? 3/4
Who do we credit with influencing our laws, family structure, political opinions and courts? Europe/ Great Britian
The Twelve Tables are. . the foundation of Roman law that guaranteed the people the right to elect their representatives.
How do you define responsibilities? Duties that you owe to your fellow citizens to make sure that the government continues.
The different ways people and nations go about meeting their daily needs are known as. . economic systems
Which modern invention has increased the flow of information around the world in both volume and speed? the Internet
What type of country is described as: increasing population, not enough jobs, poor schools, lack of social and health services? Developing
How does monotheism differ from polytheism? Belief in the number of Gods
Where do most young people first meet people from other ethnic groups? schools
Veto means refusing to sign
Who was the first African American woman from the South to be elected to the United States of Congress? Barbara Jordan
Created by: castilloamy
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