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UIL 7-8th Grade

A democracy is a system of governmnet in which decisions are made by the ____ people
What is an important responsibility of a democratic citizen? to vote
True of False: In a communist socity the governmnet encourages free speach and freedom of religion? False
What time of year did Cabeza de Vaca become shipwrecked on the Texas Coast? winter
What was Coronado searching for in his venture? gold
Francisco Vasquez de Cornado crossed the Texas panhandle in search of gold in what year? 1541
Pineda was searching for ___ when he landed in Texas? a northern waterway to the Pacific Ocean
What was the result of Pineda's voyage to the Texas Gulf Coast? his voyage spurred Spanish interest in the area
After begin shipwrecked on Galveston Island, what explorer was able to surivive by adopting the ways of the Karankawas? Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
What explorer marched from the Mississippi River into East Texas at the lower Brazos River? Luis de Moscoso
What was the first Spanish mission in Texas? Corpus Christi de la Isleta
The mission San Juan Bautista was built in 1699 near what presetn day Texas city? Eagle Pass
The Caddo valued farming so highly that the men took a role in planting crops
True or False: During the spring and summer the Karankawa's moved to the Great Plains? False
Why were The Wichita were able to exist peacefully with the French? They traded with the French
Describe the role of a shaman in Native American culture. They cared for the sick, led religious ceremonies, made medicine
In the late 1900s the population of Texas cities drastically increased because of ___ the availability of good jobs and good quality of life
What occured in 1901 that would cause the Texas economy and lifestyle to change? Spindletop gusher
Why did urabanization increase in the 1940s and 1950s? JOBS! wartime jobs, aviation and electronics were growing, oil and shipping
The Texas Education Agency has what responsibility? To put education policy into effect
How many member serve on the Texas Board of Education? 15
How is the Commissioner of Education who heads up the Texas Education Agency chosen? Appointed by the Texas Governor
Texas was founded on the belief that citizens have a right and duty to support their democratic government. Is it an obligation to take part in the democratic process? NO
The Texas city rich in Spanish culture was once the Spanish capital of Texas San Antonio (Mrs. Castillo's home town)
What is a factor that led groups such as the Pilgrims and Puritans to leave England and come to America? Preserve English traditions, escape religious persecution, religious freedom in America
How did Christopher Columbus's voyages inspire Europeans? They saw the potential for settling and gaining riches from new lands.
What is the historical significance of the Virginia House of Burgesses? It began a tradition of representative government in the English Colonies
What document represents one of the first attempts at self-government in the colonies? The Mayflower Compact
How dod the river ways and lakes contribute to the economy of the Central Plains? They serve as transportation for barge freight
What is a guarantee by the Third Amendment in the Bill of Rights? No solider shall be quartered in any house during a time of peace.
What amendment in the Bill of Rights guarantees a person does not have to be a witness against himself? Fifth Amendment
What organization was formed by citizens who want to help their community in times of natural disasters and emergencies? The American Red Cross
A citizen has two types of responsibilites: personal and _____ civic
Why was the form of government adopted by the Texas legislature considered a limited government? The Texas constitution restricts government power.
"All political power is inherent in 'natural to' the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit." This excerpt reflects which principle government? Popular Sovereignty
Explain "Separation of Power" in terms of government. Each branch of the government has their own powers
A misdemeanor is . . A minor crime
How does the State of Texas fund the public school system? A permanent school fund
What provided the largest source of income to the state of Texas? Sales tax
Why was the Texas Navy important to the Republic of Texas? It keep pressure on Mexico to recognize the independence of Texas.
Who became the prototypical Texas Ranger and helped to establish the Ranger tradition? Jack Coffee Hays
Where in Texas did the Council House fight occur? San Antonio :)
Annexation is. . . a formal joining of one political region to another
Why were some in the US hesitant to recognize the Republic of Texas? Fear of angering Mexico and the issue of Slavery
Who is the current Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives? Joe Straus
What group residing in Texas was denied rights and privileges of citizenship under the Republic? Indians (Native Americans)
How many days did the Constitution for the Republic of Texas give the President to sign and return a bill that had been presented to him for his approval before it automatically became law? 5 days
What profession was declared ineligible to hold the office of the Executive of the Republic? ministers
Where in the Constitution of the Republic of Texas do you find in the Bill of Rights? Declaration of Rights
Who was President of the Convention when the Constitution of the Republic of Texas was written and ratified? Richard Ellis
What country did the Republic of Texas use as an example for instituting its laws? Great Britian
What would never be required as a qualification to hold any office according to Article 1 of the Texas Constitution? Religious Test
The United States motto, E pluribus, unum, reflects what principle of government? Federalism
What document, approved in 1215, guaranteed basic political rights in England? Magna Carta
Which colony established the first representative assembly in the American colonies? Virginia
Who is credited with proposing the Great Compromise? Roger Sherman
Who was the New York Weekly publisher that moved us closer to the right of freedom of press by standing trial for printing criticism of the New York governor in 1735? John Peter Zenger
What Supreme Court case had an issue with the freedom of speech over the right to distribute antiwar leaflets? Schenck v. United States
What is monotheism? The belief in one God.
What modern invention has increased the flow of information around the world in both volume and speed? the Internet
Where do most people first meet people from other ethnic groups? schools
What type of government/ society is described as: Increasing population, not enough jobs, poor schools, lack of social and health care. Developing
Why did the Pilgrims undertake a voyage to the Americas from England? in search of religious freedom
Where did the Spanish establish the capital of New Spain? Mexico City
What effect did the Colombian Exchange have on he people of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas? moved people & ideas between the countries
Name 3 things John Smith did for North America Helped establish the English colony of Jamestown, Virginia Led the people through a difficult time of food and supply shortage. Wrote books to attract colonist.
______ was a Congregationalist and political leader in Massachusetts during the American Colonial Period. John Wise
The first permanent English colony, Jamestown, was established in what year? 1607
Which colonies (North or South) developed an economy based on rice and tobacco? South Colonies
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