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AH1 Unit 1 Review

Unit 1 American History - Key Terms

Change that occurred when people started farming and settling in villages Agricultural Revolution
People who move around from place to place in search of food Nomads
Three main civilizations that inhabited Central America at the time of European contact Aztecs, Incas, and Mayas
Type of society where the mother is held in high regard with inheritance and authority Matrilineal Society
English document signed by King John in 1215, put limits on royal power Magna Carta
A new era of creativity and learning in Europe Renaissance
German monk who criticized and challenged the Catholic Church Martin Luther
Reform movement that challenged the teachings of the Catholic Church and broke away from it Protestant Reformation
Sea raiders who attacked the people of Western Europe and who supposedly first discovered America around 1000 AD. Vikings
Italian explorer who "discovered the New World" for Spain Christopher Columbus
English naval captain who led the defeat of the Spanish Armada Sir Francis Drake
Spanish explorer of the 1500s; Spanish word for conquerer Conquistador
Agreement established by the Pope that divided the New World between Spain and Portugal Treaty of Tordesillas
Leader of the Pueblo revolt against Spanish control in Santa Fe in 1680 Pope'
A business in which people pool their money to establish a colony in hopes of making a profit Joint-Stock Company
50 acre land grant that colonists could obtain if they paid for someone's passage to the New World Headright
Early settler who developed a milder strain of tobacco more suitable to European tastes; married Pocahontas John Rolfe
Virginia assembly that was America's first legislature House of Burgesses
People who worked for a certain number of years in return for paid passage to America Indentured Servants
Revolt of back country farmers against Jamestown in 1676; were not being protected from Indian attacks Bacon's Rebellion
People who wanted to reform the Church of England; left for religious freedom Puritans
Written rules that the Pilgrims wrote to keep order in the new settlement; one of the first democratic governments Mayflower Compact
Religious dissenter who was banished from Massachusetts; left to form Rhode Island where the church and government were separate Roger Williams
Woman banished from MA for saying people could be spiritual without the help of ministers Anne Hutchinson
1675 conflict between Native Americans and settlers; left southern New England open to white settlement King Philip's War
Christian group that believed in equality of men and women and direct, personal communication with God Quakers
Religious leader who founded the colony of Pennsylvania; welcomed all people William Penn
Colony founded as a haven for Catholics Maryland
Colony founded as a haven for debtors and criminals Georgia
Colony founded first by the Dutch as New Amsterdam and then taken from them by the English New York
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