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LD SS WWI Test Review

CAUSES OF WAR Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism, Imperialism, & Assassination
MILITARISM The policy of building up strong arms forces to prepare for war. To make their armies stronger.
ALLIANCES Friendship between two countries and were formed to protect themselves. Made their forces stronger by combining nations,
NATIONALISM Pride in one's nation. To have bragging rights to say who is better. Fueled by tension by creating the superior right to conquer.
IMPERIALISM One person (country) tries to conquer everything ("World Bully"). People wanted to get more land which fueled rivalries between two nations.
ASSASSINATION The final spark when Archduke Franz Ferdinand by a Serbian terrorist group while in Bosnia. They were angry because they wanted Bosnia to break away from Austria-Hungary and join Serbia.
TWO SIDES Allied Powers vs. Central Powers
ALLIED POWERS Serbia, Russia, France, & Britain
CENTRAL POWERS Austria-Hungary & Germany
REASONS US JOINED Submarine Warfare, Lusitania, Zimmerman Telegram, Russian Revolution, & To make the world safe for democracy.
SUBMARINE WARFARE Germany did not want the US aiding Britain so they blew up the ships. This was a violated the "Freedom of the Seas". They were only allowed to stop and search, but not attack a neutral ship.
LUSITANIA A British passenger ship that the Germans torpedoed off the coast of Ireland. US was angered because there were 128 Americans that were killed.
ZIMMERMAN TELEGRAM Germany asked Mexico to attack the US if they join the war. In exchange, Germany would help them regain lost land. Britain intercepted this message and told the US. the US got angry.
RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Russian dictator was overthrown and made the US less hesitant to join the war.
TO MAKE THE WORLD SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY Woodrow Wilson felt that if we did not stop Germany's actions, most of Europe would not be democratic.
SELECTIVE SERVICE ACT 1917 - It authorized the "Selective Service" of men 21-30 years of age for the duration of the war (DRAFT).
CONSERVATION OF RESOURCES People were going to conserve their resources (ex: Meatless Tuesday's, Planting Victory Gardens, No Gas Sunday's)
ROLE OF WOMEN They took the place of men in factories, made items for the people in the war.
WAR INDUSTRIES BOARD 1917 - Established to coordinate the purchase of war supplies. It encourages companies to use mass production techniques to increase efficiency and urged them to eliminate waste by standardizing products.
LIBERTY BONDS A war bond sold in the US to support the ally cause in WWI.
VICTORY GARDENS Vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens were planted at private residences and public parks during WWI to reduce the pressure on the public food supply brought on by the war.
KEY ASPECTS OF WAR Stalemate, Trench Warfare, Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Armistice, & Costs of War (not just financial)
STALEMATE Any position or situation in which no action can be taken or progress made; deadlock. Ex: Communication, tactical, strategic, and they retreated and then chose the most defensible ground. (Germany)
TRENCH WARFARE Warfare in which opponents attack and defend in relatively permanent systems dug into the ground. They were unsanitary and brought disease.
TREATY OF BREST-LITOVSK Agreement between Russia and Germany. Russia dropped out of war and gave up land to Germany. (March 1918)
ARMISTICE Agreement to stop fighting and had two (2) conditions: Germany had to accept peace plan and German emperor must give up power. Signed Nov. 11, 1918.
COSTS OF WAR 8-9 million died, more than 20 million wounded, N. France lay in ruins, Germans near starvation, many in France and other nations were orphaned and homeless.
WILSON'S MAIN GOAL To avoid future conflicts
LEAGUE OF NATIONS 14th point in Wilson's plan. It was to prevent future wars by allowing nations to discuss problems.
NO SECRET AGREEMENTS An example of Wilson's point that would ensure future peace
FREEDOM OF THE SEAS An example of Wilson's point that would ensure future peace
REDUCE WEAPONS An example of Wilson's point that would ensure future peace
WAS WILSON'S ENTIRE PEACE PLAN ACCEPTED BY ALLIES? No, because the other nations wanted to punish Germany.
LEAGUE OF NATIONS Woodrow Wilson's point that got incorporated into the Final Treaty.
FOUR BIG COUNTRIES WHO MET US, Britain, France, and Italy
MAIN GOAL OF THE COUNTRIES (NOT US) To punish Germany and make them accept responsibility for the war.
THREE WAYS GERMANY WAS PUNISHED Forced to reduce their land, take blame for the war, and pay war reparations.
US REACTION TO TREATY US rejected the Treaty as some felt it was too harsh, others felt it was too soft, others wanted to stay out of world affairs and feared it would draw us into future European wars.
TREATY OF VERSAILLES SUCCESSFUL Without the US, it was not very effective without the US.
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