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3915B- US Basic

Final Review Flash Cards for 3915B

What was the issue in the Teapot Dome Scandal? oil
What was a flapper? a woman
What was a speakeasie? illegal bars
What year did the stock market crash? 1929
What was the name given to the administration of Franklin Roosevelt? New Deal
What government program was passed to help the elderly in the 1930s Social Security Act
What group opposed the reforms of Franklin Roosevelt? Supreme Court
What was the name of the political party of Benito Mussolini? Fascist
What was the name given to Adolf Hitler that meant "leader"? Fuehrer
What group was murdered in the Holocaust? Jews
What country was invaded by Germany to officially start World War II? Poland
What is the name give to the type of warfare of Germany in World War II? blitzkrieg
What countries comprised the Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, and Japan
What place was bombed on December 7, 1941? Hawaii
What is the name given to June 6, 1944? D- Day
What agreement discussed post war plans for the world in 1946? Where did the meeting take place? Yalta
What two cities were attacked with atomic bombs? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
What year saw an end to World War II? 1945
What was the name of the third party running for presidency in 1948? Dixiecrats
What was meant by the term "Iron Curtain"? the military weapons of the Soviet Union
What was the Marshall Plan? The rebuilding of Europe after WWII
What city was saved from takeover by the Soviet Union in 1948? Berlin
What American general was in charge of the U. N. forces in the Korean War? Douglas MacArthur
What is the name of the first satellite? Sputnik
What was the final outcome of the Cuban Missile Crisis? missiles being removed from Cuba
What happened to the Kennedy brothers and Martin L. King? They were assissinated
What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? It allowed President Lyndon Johnson to send troops to South Vietnam.
What group hoped to benefit by the Equal Rights Amendment? women
What year did Neil Armstrong land on the moon? 1969
What two major countries were visited by President Richard Nixon? China and Soviet Union
What was the Watergate Scandal? the break-in of the Democratic Party headquarters in Washington D. C.
What was the greatest accomplishment of President Jimmy Carter? The Camp David Treaty
What country kept 52 American hostages for over a year in the 1970s? Iran
What president used the term "New Federalism"? Ronald Reagan
What two countries were parts of the Iran-Contra Scandal? Nicaragua and Iran
What country was attacked in "Operation Desert Storm"? Iraq
What future president was implicated in the Whitewater Affair? Bill Clinton
What was the key state in the 2000 presidential election? Florida
Who was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean? Charles Lindbergh
Who was the president when the stock market crashed? Herbert Hoover
Who refused to give up her seat in the white section of a bus? Rosa Parks
Who did John Kennedy defeat for the presidency in 1960? Richard Nixon
Who were the three candidates for the presidency in 1968? Hubert Humphrey, George Wallace and Richard Nixon
Who was the first woman on the Supreme Court? Sandra Day O'Connor
Who signed the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty for the Soviet Union? Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev
Who was the second president to be put on trial for crimes? Bill Clinton
Who did George Bush defeat for the presidency in 2000? Al Gore
Who was the first American to orbit the earth? John Glenn
Where is the Sudetenland? Czechoslovakia
Where were four students murdered for protesting the Vietnam War? Kent State
When did the Great Depression begin? 1929
What was the name of the program put into place during the Great Depression to help the elderly? Social Security Act
Created by: Mrs. Stubbs