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Chapter 5 Questions

During the 1850's why was San Francisco the fastest growing city in the US Gold was discovered there in 1849
What were the terms of the Missouri Compromise? Maine would be admitted as a free state, Missouri would be admitted as a slave state, the latitude line of 36 30 would be used to determine the boundary of slavery in the new territories
Why was the Missouri Compromise passed? keep the balance of power between Northern free states and Southern slave states
What slaves did the Emancipation Proclamation free? Only slaves in states rebelling against the Union, slaves in the Confederate states
How did Lincoln justify the Emancipation Proclamation? as a war measure
Why was Lincoln cautious about freeing all of the slaves during the Civil War? He did not want to lose the support of the slave-holding border states.
More Americans died in the ______ _______ than in any other war. Civil War
Why was the Civil War fought? Because the south believed that it had the right to secede from the Union, to end slavery in the US
What was the Northern economy based on? industry
What was the Southern economy based on? agriculture
How did Southerners feel when Lincoln won the 1860 presidential election? angry
Created by: lmagnus