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Vocabulary Unit 2

Prep for Reading

administer to give something such as a test, or to manage something.
consistent doing something the same way every time.
devise to invent something or plan a way of doing something.
exert to put into action; to work very hard
factual actual and based on facts.
lingering staying longer or remaining
obtain to get something
productive getting a lot done; making or achieving a lot.
accordingly therefore
authentic real or genuine
clarify to make something easier to understand
coordinate to plan or pull together the different parts of a complex event or set of tasks.
disperse to distribute something widely or scatter in all directions.
domain an area in which someone is an expert.
limitations restrictions or boundaries
pivotal so important as to change the course of events.
achievement something worthwhile that you succeed in doing.
diverse different or varied
document to make an official record about someone or something; a written record
domination total control of someone or something
notable well known or worthy of attention.
prevailing widely accepted
similarity a way that two things are alike
simulation an imitation of soemthing in order to study or practice what it would be like in reality.
biological relating to living things and the way they live and grow.
confirm to make sure something is true.
emphasize to stress something or give it special attention.
notorious well known, usually for something bad
presentation a display or speech that explains or introduces something.
profile a short description or summary of a subject or person.
prospective expected or possible in the future.
segment part of something that is different from or divided from the rest.
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