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1)Name 2 characteristics of the interior lowlands Interior- in the middle Lowlands- very low flat lands
2)what is one way of remembering the region C.B.R.G.I.A.C.C -can ben run gecko into a cool canadian -can bunny rabbits get into a cool car
3)what 2 rivers are connected to the mississippi river -ohio -misouri
4)what way does latitude go ______________________________
5)what way does longitude go | |
6)what is an example of a capitol resource laptop
7)what is an example of a natural resource tree
8)what lake boarders texas and mexico rio grande
9)what spanish exploror sailed the colorado river coronado
10)what do archaeologists do search for artifacts
11)which river was the gate way to the west ohio
12)what year did the boston massacar start 1770
13)where did Christopher Columbus sail from spain
14)where was Columbus trying to go to asia
15)what is columbuses 1 name christopher
16)what two rivers are connected to the mississippi ohio missouri
17)who ran the boston tea party sons of liberty
18)what did the townshend act tax everyday goods
19)what where the intolerable acts punishments
20)who warned everyone that the british were coming paul rever
Created by: henleyms