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american republic 2

In what year did the pilgrims reach America? 1620
which type of Colony was under direct control of the king? Royal colonies
which governor wanted his colony to be "set upon a hill"? John Winthrop
Which colony passed an Act of Toleration guaranteeing religious freedom? Maryland
To what religious group did the Pilgrims belong? Separatists.
What document is generally regarded as the 1st written Constitution drawn up in America? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
who was New Netharland claimed, governed, and settled by? Claimed by Henry Hudson, governed by Peter Minuet, and settled by patroons
In Massachusetts Bay, what type of colony did it have, who was it settled by, and what was its religious state? Charter colony, settled by Puritans, and everyone was required to goto church
who contributed to the success of Plymouth colony? William Bradford, Squanto, Miles Standish
Which English general wanted to help debtors? James Oglethorp
What colony was originally called New Sweden? Delaware
Created by: lydiajhille