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US History

4th grade US History Review Ch. 8-13

famous patriot and silversmith who went on a midnight ride Paul Revere
first battle of the Civil War Fort Sumter
Puritan preacher who started the Great Awakening Jonathan Edwards
The turning point of the Civil War Gettysburg
"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." Nathan Hale
German soldiers hired to fight for the British Hessians
second president of the U.S. John Adams
the plan our government still follows today Constitution
American colonists who remained loyal to England Loyalists or Torries
"Give me liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry
Confederate's ironclad ship Merrimac
government run by the people republic
two men who explored the Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark
where the British surrendered after the War for Independence Yorktown
man who pioneered the idea of separation of church and state Isaac Backus
famous frontiersman who died at the Alamo Davy Crockett
first battle of the War for Independence Lexington and Concord
mission where Texas patriots were defeated by the Mexicans Alamo
England won an important victory in this settlement of New France Quebec
Ethan Allen took the British by surprise at this fort Ticonderoga
inventor of the rocking chair; attended the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin
president after Lincoln died Andrew Johnson
He saved the Union Abraham Lincoln
the Mississippi River was controlled after by the Union after this battle Battle of Vicksburg
capital of the Confederacy Richmond, Virginia
He made a destructive "march to the sea" General William T. Sherman
inventor of the cotton gin Eli Whitney
George Washington and his army spent a harsh winter here Valley Forge
place where General Lee surrendered to General Grant at the end of the Civil War Appomattox Court House
missionary to Oregon Marcus Whitman
Texan's leader in their fight for independence Sam Houston
pioneer in Kentucky; Wilderness Road Daniel Boone
author of our national anthem Francis Scott Key
man who murdered President Lincoln John Wilkes Booth
President of the Confederate States Jefferson Davis
General of the Union during the Civil War Ulysses S. Grant
General of the Confederates during the Civil War Robert E. Lee
Union ironclad ship Monitor
nickname for Confederate soldiers Rebels, Johnny Rebs
man who secured the Northwest Territory for the U.S. George Rogers Clark
commander of the Continental Army during the War for Independence George Washington
the main author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
the first plan of government agreed upon by the U.S. Articles of Confederation
purchase that doubled the size of the U.S. Louisiana Purchase
the first settlement of New France Quebec
colonists who supported the War for Independence patriots
added to the Constitution stating the rights and freedoms of the American people Bill of Rights
What were the results of the Civil War? abolish slavery;no state could leave the Union
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