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semester exam Q&A

What does “c” mean?
prehistory the time before writing
“the land between the rivers” was located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Iraq
people who regularly move from place to place
historian people who study and write about the human past
cuneiform Sumerian writing system
dynasty a line of rulers that passes power from father to son
Re chief god of the Egyptians, son god
embalming the Egyptian invention to prevent the pharaoh’s body from decomposing
describe the Nile’s flooding gentle and dependable
monotheism the belief in one god the basis of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity
the Ten Commandments-what are they responsible for forming today? the moral laws of many nations
Israel-what does it mean, who uses the name, where is it? “one who struggles with god” a name given to the descendants of Jacob it’s a modern-day country where Canaan once was
the faith of the Israelites
rule of law the idea that the law should apply to everybody equally
direct democracy everyone decides government matters
men in the Spartan army-ages/responsibilities 7-boys live in barracks, learning to be in the army 20-enter the regular army 30-allowed to return to their homes but remain in the army 60-retire from the army
began as an alliance to protect the Greeks from the Persians
Dark Ages (600 BC) called the “dark ages” because people forgot how to read and write
citizens of Greek city-states free native-born land-owning men
Alexander the Great and the Iliad
Peloponnesian War Sparta .vs. Athens left Greeks divided
Aristotle taught his student to follow the Golden Mean
myths (Greece) religious stories of ancient Greece
Homer-the Iliad and the Odyssey two epics written by Homer that are still studied today Iliad is about the Trojan War
Buddhism-why did it become so popular?
Which two religions can trace their beginning to India?
caste system
tenant farmers
the Period of the Warring States
Marco Polo
When preparing for civil service exams...
Forbidden City
Confucian officials and Chinese voyages...
census-what is it? why did the Ming do it?
Italy is...
Octavian became _______________________
Twelve Tables
when was Rome founded?
Huang He valley
Grand Canal
Created by: willhound70
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