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American Revolution

American Revolution Test

Most of the _____ Americans who supported independence believed that the ____ would give up after losing one or two major battles Patriots, British
Who had the strongest navy in the world British, well trained army
What did the American soldiers lack Military experience
What are militia groups Many Patriots belongs to militia groups local forces but they were volunteer soldiers who fought for short periods of time before returning home to tend of their farms
Who are loyalists or Tories? Those who remained loyal to Britain and opposed the war for independence were called Loyalists or Tories.
Where was loyalists support strongest and weakest? Loyalists support was strongest in Carolinas and Georgia weakest in New England
What did loyalists depend on the British for? Their jobs
What is the continental army? An army that fighting for independence that congress established but depended on the states to recruit or enlist soldiers.
Who did the British and the colonists believe had the legal authority? The British believed that the Parliament had the legal authority but the colonists believed that the local assemblies had the legal authority
Why did the colonists believe that they shouldn't be taxed? Because they had no representation in parliament
Who inspired other patriots when he spoke out against taxation without representation? Patrick Henry
What document expresses the reasons for colonial independence? Declaration of independence
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What does the Declaration of Independence state? That the authority to govern belongs to the people rather than to kings, that all people were created equal, and that all people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
Who were in favor of independence? Patriots/Colonials
Who were opposed to independence and supported the British? Loyalists/Tories/British
Who was a slave from Virginia that served in the Continental army and was given freedom after the war? James Armistead Lafayette
Who had more responsibility at home during the war? Women
Who was George Washington? Commander-in-chief of the Continental Army
From where to where was the capital moved? Williamsburg to Richmond
Richmond was a more ____ location. central.
Richmond was ____ from British attack safer
The population was moving ___. westward
Richmond's location was better for.... trade
The British army surrendered after the American victory at... Yorktown
What was Patrick Henry's famous phrase? "....give me liberty or give me death..."
What were the advantages of the British? The British had the strongest navy in the world, and experienced, well-trained army, the wealth of a worldwide empire, better supplies, strong Loyalist support, and a larger population than the United States.
What were the disadvantages of the British? The British had mercenary officers, fought on foreign soil, had to pay for the war(transportation, manufacturing), marched in rows and columns, and had bright red uniforms.
What were the British strategies? The British wanted to take Albany, New York and gain control of the Hudson River, wanted to use traditional tactics, and wanted to destroy the Continental Army.
What was the time period of the war? 1775-1783
What was the first major battle of the war? Battle of Lexington
What were the advantages of the colonists? The colonists were fighting on their own ground, fought with great determination to protect their land, women and French aided them, they get their own resources(wheat, rye), and Washington inspired men to fight.
What were the disadvantages of the colonists? Colonists received no formal military training, soldiers enlisted for very few years, soldiers lacked a regular army, strong navy, military experience and ammunition, not all Americans supported the war for independence,+ lacked weapons+ammunition.
What were the American strategies? The Americans made agreements with Britain's enemies and obtained alliances, did not allow Britain to re-supply, and tried to wear down the British.
What are 6 examples of loyalist strongholds? NY, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Virginia, South Carolina
What is New York known for? wheat, oats, barley, rye, milk, cereal
What is North Carolina known for? tobacco
What is Rhode Island known for? ships
What is Pennsylvania known for? milk
What is South Carolina known for? cotton
What are the most strongly contested areas and why? New Jersey, Delaware, Vermont, the Carolinas, New York, and Virginia. We know these areas are strongly contested because there were the highest number of battles.
What is marginalization? When people are pushed out of their native homelands.
What were the British military strategies? breaking the colonies in half, blockading the ports, and divide and conquer
What were the American military strategies? attrition, guerilla warfare tactics, and making alliances
What were the three historical perspectives? Loyalists, Patriots, Neutralists
Where was the Battle of Bunker Hill fought? It was fought outside of Boston on Breed's Hill.
What is inflation? The value of money decreases as prices increase.
What happened negatively to the infantry, or foot soldiers, that the British brought to the Hunker Hill battle? The infantry experienced heat stroke and fatigue, which resulted in casualities.
How many soldiers suffered from casualities? 40%
Which 2 colonies were part of phase 2 of Revolutionary war fighting? New York and Pennsylvanie
What were the most common casues of death? Frostbite and starvation
What was ironic about Washington Crossing the Delaware River? It was on Christmas Night.
Who was considered "a good American general" in phase 3 of American Revolution fighting? Nathanial Greene
Who was increasing allies at this time? Benjamin Franklin
What role did Lord Dunmore play in the Revolutionary War? Lord Dunmore, the royal governor of Virginia, announced that slaves who fought on the British side would be freed.
Who did women side with? Patriot forces
Where was Washington victorious on Christmas Night? At the Delaware River
Who won the battle of Saratoga? The Americans
How did France assist the Americans? By making trading agreements and alliances. Also they sent troops, money, and equipment.
Who was the French general and admiral who played a major role in the Battle of Yorktown? The French general was General Rochambeau. The admiral was Admiral de Grasse.
What was the turning point of the war? The Battle of Saratoga
What is the Article of Confederation? The first formal constitution
What was Richmond's location better for? trade
What battle marked the end of the American Revolution and which general surrendered? The Battle of Yorktown marked the end of the war. Lord Cornwallis surrendered.
Who are loyalists? American colonists who supported the British in the American Revolutionary War.
Which 2 historical perspectives did the American Indians follow and where was their location? The American Indians were either Loyalists or Neutralists. They were living west of the Appalachian Mountains and were pushed off to the left of the map.
Where were the Patriotic strongholds? Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Delaware.
Who are neutralists? People who take neither side in the conflict(Quakers-because they were against all armed conflict)
Who were the Patriots? A person living in 1 of the 13 colonies and supported American Independence.
What four battles took place in New Jersey? Battle of Monouth, Battle of Trenton, Battle of Princeton, and Battle of Morseton.
What did the Battle of Monmouth run through? Freehold, Coltsneck, and Monmouth Englishtown
What were Washington's(Patriot's)headaches? 1Only 1/3 of colonists supported war for independence,1/3 were loyalists to King George III(British Crown),and 1/3 were neutral.2.State/Colony loyalties3.Congress couldn't tax to raise money for the Continental Army.4.Poor training until Baron Von Steuben
What is true about countries that export? They export more than they import because they have a surplus, and they know that they can get money.
What is true about countries that import? They need certain resources that other countries have because they have little or no quantity, and they need that item in order to survive.
What was the British plan at Bunker Hill? British plan was for Howe's light infantry to break through along the shore and get behind the Americans.Howe's main force was then to seize rail fence position,turn left + attack Breed's Hill.Attempts failed +battle developed into costly frontal attacks
What are casualties? Seriously injured
What would be a serious injury that leads to a casualty? Cannons, Gunfire:Muskets(Bayonet:Knife), soldier bleeding due to hand-to-hand combat
What is Jamestown, Virginia? The first permanent English settlement?
What effect does having a stronger navy have on British victories? The British win at the shore more.
What was Britain's Southern strategy? British thought there were more Loyalists in the South. Southern resources were more valuable and worth preserving. The British win a number of small victories, but cannot pacify the countryside similar to U.S. failures in Vietnam.
What land feature is Yorktown? a peninsula- an area of land surrounded by 3 bodies of water.
What did the south have more of? Loyalists and cotton and tobacco farms
What is the Battle of Saratoga? The turning point of the war which the Americans won and European nations lent support for the American cause.
Who was Benedict Arnold? An American general who helped win battles like the Battle of Saratoga. However he eventually switched sides and became a traitor for England.
Who was John Paul Jones? An American naval officer who won a naval battle off the coast of England. He raided British ports.
In the Battle of Yorktown, who were the two sides? Americans and French Vs. British
Some slaves fought for the English because they were promised... to be freed by Lord Dunmore, the royal governor of Virginia
What is Parliament? A legislature which the British believed had legal authority in the colonies
Who believed the colonists should not be taxed without representation? Patrick Henry
What is Richmond, Virginia? The new capital during the Revolutionary War. It was a central location, safer from attack, and better for trade.
What is the Declaration of Independence? A document that expresses the reasons for colonial independence written by Thomas Jefferson.
Where was the battle of Bunker Hill fought? Outside of Boston on Breed's Hill
After the Battle of Saratoga, what country was an ally to the United States during the war? How did this country assist Americans? France was an ally to the United Stated. They helped the Americans by making trading agreements and alliances. Plus, they sent them money, equipment, and troops.
What are mercenaries? hired soldiers
Who was Thomas Paine? A person who wrote the pamphlet "Common Sense", that moved many American colonists towards independence.
What is Valley Forge? A miserable location where Washington and his troops endured a winter of terrible suffering, lacking decent food, clothing, and shelter. Washington faced the challenge of keeping the Continental Army together there.
What is the British blockade? A block which keeps the ships of the Patriots and their allies from entering or leaving American harbors created with Great Britain's powerful navy. It prevented supplies and inforcements from reaching the Continental Army.
Who was General Jean Baptiste de Rochambeau? A commander and general of French toopships at the time of the Battle of Yorktown.
Who was Admiral Francois de Grasse? The French naval commander who was heading toward Chesapeake Bay instead of New york, causing Washington to head his troops towards Yorktown rather than New York City.
What is another name for mercenary? Hessian
WHo won the Battle of Yorktown? The Patriots: Washington's plan to trick the British into heading all the troops to New York worked perfectly.
Who was Nathanael Greene? Commander of the Continental forces in the South who split his army in half.
What is the Battle of Bunker Hill? A battle in which the Americans fought the British while being protected from fire because they were in trenches on top of the hill.
What battle was the first in the Revolutionary War? Battle of Bunker Hill
In which battle was the "shot heard 'round the world' fired? Battle of Lexington
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