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Pre-Omnibus Semester 1 study guide

Nimrod A man who was rebellious toward God, and is believed to be leader of building the tower of babel.
Pharaoh Menes The first pharaoh to unite both the north and the south part of Egypt.
Hagar The handmaid of Sarah, and the wife of Abraham.
Joseph The second in command of all Egypt.
Abraham A man that loved God so much he would kill his only son for him.
Hammurabbi A man who spread lots of rules like the ten commandments across his kingdom.
Taharka A prince that didn't want to become pharaoh but didn't have a choice.
Shepnusut The half brother of Taharka who wanted to be pharaoh, and should of been but didn't get to.
Hatshepsut A girl who had to be high priest but wanted to be normal and marry Taharka who wore a fake beard for power.
Thutmose I
Amenhotep IV
Pharoah Tutankhamon The first pharaohs tomb to be discovered before grave robers. He died at about 18 years old.
David A great king who loved God with all his heart.
King Solomon A man who started his life out loving God, then his lust for women overtook his life and he turned away from God.
Alexander the Great One of the Wold's greatest conquers who had a twisted neck, which made him appear to always be gazing upwards
Cleopatra A women who who was an Egyptian pharaoh who married Mark Antony and had a child with Julius Caesar.
Helen A girl who ran away with Paris causing a fight between Greece's and the Trojans known as the Trojan War.
Paris The man who stole Helen from Greece and took her to Troy.
Polyphemus The cyclops who tried to kill Odysseus and his men when they went in his cave seeking help and food.
Romulus and Remus Two boys who were said to be raised by wolfs who grew up and started the roman empire.
Herodotus The man who wrote the Homer and the Aeneid, Also a very confusing writer.
Julius Caesar
Caesar Agustus A man who improved roads and sewer systems in the Roman empire who was the nephew of Julius Caesar.
John the Babtist The for runner for Christ who baptized lots of people.
Nero One of the worst emperors known for persecuting Christians.
Monica The mother of St. Augustine who never stopped praying for him while he was young and rebellious.
St. Benedict
Mohammed The man who started the Islamic empire. He said he was told by Gabriel in a dream to go and spread the new religion
Alfred the Great
Otto I The first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.
St. Francis
Beowolf A man known for his strength who killed the terrible monsters Grendel, Grendel's mother, and the fire breathing dragon.
Grendel A terrible monster who killed the Geats by eating them.
Hrothgar King over the Geats who asked Beowulf for help to kill Grendel.
Charlemagne A man that scientists named but his real name in German was Karl.
Who was the "seed" God promised to send to crush Satan? Jesus is the promised seed God sent to crush Satan.
Who was the first known Egyptian Pharaoh? What important feat did he accomplish? Pharaoh Menes is the first known Egyptian pharaoh and he united both the upper and the lower parts of Egypt.
What was God’s promise to Abraham? God's promise to Abraham was to give him as many descendants as the stars of the sky.
What eventually happened to Joseph and his family? Joseph and his family got back together and they lived with Joseph in Egypt.
What was Moses safe from because he lived as the son of a princess? He was safe to enter pharaoh's house and demand that pharaoh let God's people go.
What was the relationship between the plagues and Egyptian gods? Each plague sent by God was a direct attack on the Egyptian gods.
What was the largest archeological finds in history, made on November 4, 1922 and who made the discovery? The largest find is king Tutankhamen's tomb, made by Howard Carter.
Why did Antony and Cleopatra commit suicide? They committed suicide because they wanted to die with honor, and they had just lost a battle.
How did the Greeks defeat the Trojans? The Greeks defeated the Trojans by making a wooden horse, putting soldiers in it, and then acting like they were leaving, but after it got dark the soldiers jumped out and killed the Trojans.
Created by: BDuShaw
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