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Omnibus 2 Secondary

Omnibus 2 Secondary Exam 1st Semester.

Bilbo Baggins The main character in The Hobbit, does not like adventure, and when Gandalf convinces him to go, he leaves behind his hanky. Always thinking about food, as a proper hobbit should.
Gandalf The mysterious wizard that all of the Shire loves, but is not tame; he is the main protector of the peoples of the Shire; goes on the first part of the adventure in the Hobbit and is also a main advisor in the Fellowship.
Smaug The annoying dragon who is also guarding the treasure-hoard of Thorin and Co. He is awakened when Bilbo steals a goblet and then is killed by Bard, the man.
Thorin Oakenshield The main leader of the dwarves who wants to get back to the Lonely Mountain, uses Bilbo as his Burglar
Balin and Dwalin Two of the dwarves who are constantly thinking about food in the company of Thorin when they go to take back the Lonely Mountain.
Beorn The bear-man who can change between man and Bear and is a friend of Gandalf's who helps Thorin and Co and points them in the right direction IN the Hobbit.
Dori, Nori, Gloin, Oin 4 more of the dwarves in The Hobbit who are in the company of Thorin
Elrond The king of the Elves; Is a very wise elf and is highly respected among all the good folk of the Hobbit and the Fellowship.
Fili, Kili Two more of the dwarves who travelled in the Company of Thorin, and also the youngest dwarves.
Gollum Also known as Smeagol, he used to be a hobbit-like creature, but now is pure evil, because the ring has had power over him for too long. He lives under the mountain of the goblins and twists the rules of the riddle game.
Sackville Baggins Relatives of Bilbo and Frodo who can't wait to have BagEnd. They are found making off with Bilbo's items when he comes back from his first adventure in the Hobbit and are sold Bag End when Frodo gets ready to leave the Shire in the Fellowship.
Tom Bombadil The keeper of the forest, he is 100% good; The ring does not affect him and the forest listens to him.
Aragorn/Strider A ranger; one of the few men left in the forest, He is the one who will soon be a king and is a great friend of Gandalf, saves Frodo and helps him run away from the Nazgul.
Frodo Baggins The cousin of Bilbo, inherits the ring and everything else of Bilbo's and then has to make a choice about what to do with the ring and decides he has to take it to Mordor and get rid of it.
Sam Gamgee The gardener and best friend of Frodo, sticks with him even when no one else will. Is very loyal
Saruman The dark wizard who created the rings of power and the different evil creatures such as the orcs and goblins. He was temporarily destroyed and came back needing the Ring of power.
Sauron The wizard who is superior to Gandalf, and who used to be trusted, but he spent too much time dabbling in the ways of the wicked and became corrupt. He lusted for the Ring of Power.
Lady Arwen The wife of Elrond, and another very wise Elf. She sits in on the council and gives advice to Elrond.
Merry Brandybuck One of the four hobbits who was a part of the Fellowship with Frodo to destroy the ring, and was not as adventurous as Frodo or Sam.
Pippen Took One of the four hobbits who traveled with Frodo Baggins in the Fellowship and helped to make things interesting.
Lord Peter Wimsey The very human detective in this story who fails at points, but then he figures out what is missing. Meets the Venables on New Year's Eve because of a car wreck and helps Ring in the New Year.
Reverend Venebles The friendly, forgetful old man who is the Reverend of the Fenchurch St. Paul and is horrified at the finding of the body in Lady Thorpe's grave. Solves the cipher and sort of becomes the hero.
Lord, Lady, Hillary Thorpe The noble people who live in the tiny village; Lady Thorpe dies and is buried on New Years, Lord Thorpe dies and is to be buried on Easter and the body is found in the grave. Hillary wants to become an author but her uncle doesn't want her to.
Blundell The police force in the tiny little village and is the one who is the one to whom the reverend comes first and is not all that bright.
Deacon The filthiest liar and cheat of all of them! He stole the jewels and hid them in the church and then ran away from prison, killed a guy in the army, married a french girl, and pretended to have lost his memory. Died in the bell tower on New Year's Eve.
Cranton The brains behind the thieving of the Wilbraham Emeralds, but gets more pain than anything. Is presumed to be the dead guy found in the grave on Easter. Never got a hold of the jewels and told the truth to the cops.
Will Thoday The husband of Mary Thoday, the first one to realize that Jeff Deacon was not dead and had come back for the Wilbraham Emeralds; Stuck him in the bell tower of the church and that is where he died. Will dies by drowning when he tried to save someone.
Mary Thoday The wife of Will Thoday in the Nine Tailors, used to be married to Jeff Deacon, but he was presumed dead so she married another man. She didn't have anything to do with the body, but she realized her first husband was still alive and freaked out.
Edmund The almost flawless main character in the Dragon and the Raven, wins the love of Freda, the beauty, and mows down the vikings. He became a warrior at the very young age of 14.
Egbert The incredibly faithful friend and kinsman of Edmund who helps him become the warrior that he ended up being. Was also very wise and became a key advisor of King Alfred.
King Alfred The King who listens to Edmund's wise advice and then is able to defend his land from the vikings.
Danes 33. Danes- A tribe of people from Denmark. They are a sea-faring and somewhat fierce people whose men ravage the seas and go ‘a-viking’ (plundering the nearby lands.) They attack England many times, but Edmund and King Alfred beat them back.
Seigbert The one guy who is saved by Edmund when he is on the Dragon and takes over their ship. Becomes Edmund's father-in-law at the end of the Dragon and the Raven.
Freda The beautiful daughter of Seigbert, falls in love with Edmund when he spares her's and her father's lives and is a very independent woman.
Sweyn The little brat who thinks he can have whomever and whatever he sets his eyes on. He thinks he can win Freda, when her heart is already captured and is a very dislikable character.
The Dragon The ship that Edmund had built and was his famous ship that captured the Raven and defeated the Danes.
The Apostle John The author of the book of John and also the disciple whom Jesus loved; Was given the task to take care of Mary as his own mother when Jesus was on the cross, and the only one who saw Jesus crucified.
Jesus The main person in the Bible, and did many miracles in His life. Is referred to in the book of John as the I Am, the Word, the Messiah, and the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.
John the Baptist The cousin of Jesus; the voice of the one calling out in the desert, the one who was beheaded by Herod. His food was locusts and wild honey.
Rylands Papyrus 41. Ryland’s Papyrus- A manuscript found in 1920 by Bernard Grenfell in Egypt, dated 125 A.D. It is the oldest known fragment of the New Testament and contains portions of John 18, causing historians to realize that the Gospel of John was written by John
Nicodemus The pharisee who came to Jesus at night to learn more about God and how to be born again.
Seven Signs 1. Water to wine 2. Healing of a nobleman's son 3. Healing at Bethesda 4. Feeding the thousands 5. Walking on water 6. Healing the blind 7. Resurrection of Lazarus These signs declare that Jesus is who he said he was.
Robin Hood The merry man who forms a band of outlaws and is more of a law-abiding citizen than those who are in authority. Was outlawed for shooting a deer and then a king's forester.
Little John The seven-foot tall ladies' man who is Robin's right-hand man who often shares in Robin's adventures. He is also somewhat proud.
Allan A'Dale The minstrel who comes to Robin Hood with a sorrowful face because his true love, Ellen, is supposed to be married to some old dude that she does not love.
Will Stutely One of Robin's inner band and the one who is always left in charge while Robin leaves.
Will Scarlet Robin's nephew and a very stout guy; Robin receives a drubbing from him because he is smelling a rose when the band first meets him and thinks that he is a pretty lad.
Sir Richard of the Lea The knight who is downcast when we first meet him because his son has accidentally killed a guy while jousting and has to sell off his lands to pay the debt of the death. After Robin helps him, he promises to pay Robin back.
Friar Tuck The Friar of Fountain Abbey, who, when found by Robin is enjoying a meal and making it seem like there is two people. A jolly, godly fellow really.
Sheriff of Nottingham The archnemesis of Robin Hood, thinks more about his purse than actually doing his job. He is very greedy and takes from the
Robert Lee The knight of King Henry who wants to capture Robin Hood when he comes to shoot for Queen Eleanor.
Henry II The first king during Robin's outlawed life, and does not like Robin Hood. Is upset that the Sheriff cannot catch Robin and threatens him that he will lose his job.
Richard the Lionheart The best king during the life of Robin, comes to Sherwood dressed as friars and dines with Robin against the wishes of the Sheriff, takes Robin back to London and makes him his right hand archer. Makes all the other men legal foresters and erases debts.
King John The brother of Richard who becomes king after Richard dies and then gets angry when Robin Hood leaves the kingdom and flees to Sherwood.
Bishop of Hereford The guy who is like best friends with the Sheriff and comes to dine with Robin Hood, but not by his own choice while Sir Richard paid his debts and also was going to marry Ellen to the really old dude.
Guy of Gisbourne The horrible guy in Robin Hood who kills people in cold blood if they get in his way or he is offered to kill them. He tries to kill Robin Hood and ends up getting killed himself.
Theseus and Hippolyta The two characters who are planning to get married at the beginning of Midsummer, they are the characters around whom the whole play is based.
Demetrius, Hermia, Lysander, Helena The four lovers who get all mixed up in each other's love affairs.
Puck The most mischievous of all the fairies, is the one who makes a mess of everything by putting the love juice on all the wrong people in Midsummer Night's Dream.
Oberon and Titania The king and queen of the fairies who need some desperate marriage counseling in Midsummer Night's Dream. They are arguing over an indian boy and Oberon pranks Titania into getting the boy.
Bottom and the Craftsmen The characters who are putting on a play for Theseus and Hippolyta's wedding; Bottom gets transformed into a donkey head.
Why is Bilbo Baggins so opposed to the offer of an adventure from Gandalf? Bilbo is a hobbit of comfort and is not up for leaving his comfortable hobbit hole to go on some adventure that is so secret and could end up dying or never coming home again.
What climactic event happens in The Hobbit to make Bilbo a different person? The Climactic event that happens to Bilbo is when he finds the Ring of power when he is trying to win the riddle game against Gollum.
Why does Sauron want the ring Frodo has? Sauron has studied the ways of the Saruman too long and has become corrupted. Sauron wants the ring for his own evil purposes.
What disagreements arise at the Council of Elrond? Some of the disagreements were about who would take the ring, what they would do with it and who would go to Mordor.
How do Deacon's and Cranton's stories differ about the Wilbraham Emeralds? Cranton keeps the same story the whole time, but Deacon keeps changing his because he didn't know what Cranton was saying. Cranton said he never had the jewels and it turned out he was telling the truth, but Deacon was lying.
What are some logical deductions made after Suzanne Legros has been questioned? After Suzanne has been questioned, you can conclude that she knew something else about her husband, but wasn't telling it, and that
Whom does Sweyn have his heart set on marrying in The Dragon and the Raven? Does his father believe his suit will be successful? He has his heart set on marrying Freda and his father does think his suit will win her over.
Why does Seigbert's agreement to redeem Edmund from slavery fail? Seigbert's attempt to redeem Edmund from slavery fails because Sweyn was jealous and convinced his father not to let him go and then challenges Edmund to a duel to the death.
In John's gospel, why do many of Jesus' followers leave him? Who does not leave? Jesus's twelve apostles didn't leave him, but so many other of Jesus' followers left him because it got hard and they didn't want to get kicked out of the synagogue.
In John's Gospel, what did Jesus say his followers would be able to do as a result of his going to the Father? They would have the power of the Holy Spirit living within them.
In Robin Hood, What does Robin do to afoul the law? Robin Hood first shot one of the King's deer and then he killed one of the foresters out of pride and anger.
What deal does Robin make with the Bishop before the wedding begins? How does the Bishop pay for his wager? The deal that Robin makes with the Bishop is that he will not play until Ellen is married to her true love, and the wager that the Bishop pays is the gold chain that is hung around his neck.
About what are Oberon and Titania at odds in Midsummer Night's Dream? They are at odds over a little indian boy. Both fairies want him as a servant.
Created by: BDuShaw
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