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Mid-Term Exam

hooverize wheatless Mondays conserving food
Selective Service Act was determined by a lottery
Selling the war the task of committee on public information job
Espionage and Sedition Acts silenced criticism of the war at home
Great Migration during WWI a flow of A.A from south to north
heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary Fran Ferdinand What person was killed that helped start WWI?
Triple Entente included Britain, France, and Russia
Pres Wilson's invasion of Veracruz was opposed in Europe and Latin America
the U.S., Britain, France, and Italy The Big Four
Triangle Shirtwaist Company tragedy there led to strict building codes requiring fire escapes
Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia 1908 Serbs became made when?
1902 Coal Miners strike was an example of groups pursuing their private interest at the expense of the nation
Zimmerman telegram according to this if Mexico allied with Germany, Germany would help Mexico regain Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona
1920 Interstate Commerce commission had drifted from its original purpose and had started raising rates to help ensure RR profit
because it would split the Republican Party Why did Roosevelt tell Taft to stay away from tariff reform?
Laboratory of Democracy Wisconsin's nickname
Underwood Tariff Act included a provision for levying and income tax
Progressives faith have faith in science and expertise
direct primary all party members vote for a candidate to run in the general election
for negotiating peace between Russia and Japan Why did T. Roosevelt win the Nobel Prize?
Open Door Policy the purpose of this in China was to ensure trading rights for all nations
Naturalism philosophy that stated that some people failed in life simply because they were caught up in circumstances they could not control
Cincinnati Red Stockings first salaried baseball team
individualism no matter how humble your origins, you can rise as far as your talent and commitment will take you
political machines provided new city dwellers with things such as jobs, housing, and police protection in exchange for their votes
Tammany Hall political machine
Salvation Army organization that offered practical aid and religious counseling to the poor
Subways developed to relieve congestion in the cities
First international American Conference U.S. wanted Latin American delegates to agree to a customs union which would reduce tariffs among American nations
Nativists wanted to limit immigration
Territory in Manchuria In 1894, Japan acquired what?
because of his charisma and war fame Why was T. Roosevelt chosen as McKinley's running mate?
to evacuate Americans if necessary Why did McKinley send the Maine to Cuba?
independent country What are the Philippines now?
Platt Amendment made Cuba into an American protectorate
by passing a tariff on sugar How did the U.S. cause an economic crisis in Cuba?
when McKinley was assassinated When did T. Roosevelt become president?
Workingman's party of California formed to fight Chinese immigration
to work on railroads Why did the Chinese come in the 1860s?
Eastern and Southern Europe Immigrants in the late 1890s were from where?
lockout technique of breaking unions
streetcar suburbs middle class
Credit Mobilizer scandal pacific investigators got rich by paying bills from a construction company they controlled
William T. Tweed corrupt party boss in a political machine
Gospel of Wealth philosophy that wealthy Americans had the responsibility of their great fortunes to further social progress
transcontinental railroad pushed west from Omaha, Nebraska
saloons function like community centers for male workers in the 1800s
placer mining earliest prospectors would extract shadow deposits of ore by this
dry farming farmers planted seeds deep in the ground where there was enough moisture
Chisholm trail trail that cowboys used to drive cattle to a RR line for sale
Pike's peak or bust phrase used by gold miners near Pike's Peak
miners in the Colorado mountains didn't find minerals because minerals were too deep
dime novels came from cowboys' exaggerated tales of daring
Comstock Lode rich deposit of silver
selling government land grants Where did railroads get most of their money?
Central Pacific Railroad hired workers from China because of the shortage of workers in California
by investing in more machines and larger manufacturing facilities How can corporations achieve economies of scale?
resulted in lower cost/prices What are economies of sale?
Petroleum in high demand because it could be turned into kerosene
Wounded Knee confrontation here occurred because the chiefs followers continued to perform ritual
Sand Creek Massacre incident that happened due to the Cheyenne/Arapaho people attacking the miners who had flocked to Colorado in search of gold and silver
Wheat on the Great Plains had an advantage because it could withstand drought better than other crops
no Did unions have women?
railroad in the early 1900s made sufficient profits building their lines
states from imposing tariffs which helps goods to flow freely around the country Constitution bans what?
Americans Who started the Battle of Little Big Horn?
Economic depression in the late 1800s slowed down immigration to the U.S.
Plains Indians religion religion based on the belief in the spiritual power of the natural world
Matthew Perry before he arrived in Japan, the Japanese had never before seen steam ships
nomads most Native American nations on the Great Plains lived as these
sickly child, born to a wealthy family T. Roosevelt's childhood
Great Plains receives less than 20 inches of rain per year
Progressivism not an organized political movement, didn't have a set of goals, informal
prospectors and the mines not everyone that mined became very rich
Progressives though that by applying scientific principles to society, they could fix its problems
Pike's Peak In what area was gold found?
quartz mining deposits dried up, commercial mining either left or continued on a limited basis
efficiency progressives believed that less democracy in government would make it more efficient
Russia and WWI lost substantial territory when they pulled out of the war
they admired Wilson's ideology and desire for peace What did the Big Four think about Wilson's 14 points?
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