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Mississippi History

History Exam Review Sheet #4

Sherman helped grant at shiloh; union general, famous for his "neckties"
Champion Hill battle between the south at vicksburg and the north at jackson; grant and pemberton
bruinsburg where grant crossed the river on his march
grant union general; nickname was unconditional surrender; later became president
richmond 2nd capital of the confederacy
grierson yankee raider who created a diversion for pemberton to fight by raiding all through ms
arkansas ironclad boat for the confederacy that was not good
brown commander of the arkansas
april 6/7,1862 battle of shiloh happened on these dates; on the first day the south won and on the second day the north won leading them to win entire battle
july 4,1863 the south surrendered at vicksburg on this date because of starvation; the south surrendered at gettysburg around this time too
siege of vicksburg this lasted 47 days; this was when grant took over all of vicksburg
brices crossroads battle at a crossroads where the south had a victory
robert e lee commander of all southern troops
emancipation proclamation lincoln passed this in 1863 saying that all SOUTHERN slaves be freed
confederate the south in the Civil War; democrats; Gray; *blank* states of america; all the states that seceded
yankee north side of Civil War; Blue; Union
nullification making something not have power; stopping something
tariff an unfair tax on imports
free states states that didnt have slavery
slave states states that permitted slavery
Pettus governor of ms at the start of the Civil war -elected in 1859
van dorn southern general
corinth battles were fought here; objective of grant before v-burg; known for railroads
boll weevil invaded ms in 1955 and really hurt cotton
lynching killing of blacks to intimidate; many times done by KKK
sharecropping a system where someone would work on land that they didnt own
Emit Till black boy killed in 1955 because he whistled at a white woman
Ft. Sumter the start of the Civil War began here
secession states who left the Union
popular sovereignty where the people get to vote
Farragut sailed up from NO as an attempt to take Vicksburg
states rights the rights of states to make their own decisions
the election of 1860 Lincoln won; republican; caused secession
freedmen free slaves
Freedmen's Bureau an organization set up to help the former slaves who had never been free before
carpetbaggers Republicans who came to the south with only bags made of old carpets to help the freedmen
"chimneyville" the nickname for Jackson after it got burned down
scalawags Southern white republicans who helped slaves
13th this amendment set blacks free
14th this amendment gave blacks full citizenship
15th this amendment gave blacks the right to vote
Deomocrats a political party that is for slavery and is made of whites; the KKK
KKK or Ku Klux Klan started by N. B. Forrest; this group used intimidation to gain back control of MS after reconstruction
Redeemers another name for democrats
Revels 1st black man in the US Senate
cyclop local leader of the KKK
1865 Black Codes laws that basically put freedmen back into slavery
Const. of 1865 this put the black codes of 1865 in place
suffrage voting rights
Gen. Ord in charge of the 4th military district of the new military government
disfranchise to take away someone's right to vote
Const. of 1890 this document helped the Democrats come back to rule in MS
Bruce 1st black man to serve a full term in the US Senate
reapportionment the redrawing of voting lines
poll tax the $2 fee to vote
segregation the separation of races
integration the coming together of races
Created by: kmccormack
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