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US independence, 8th

US independence from GB 8th grade, discovery

Propaganda Information that is spread to a lot of people very quickly, make something seem worse than is really is, emphasize it
Boycott Refusal to buy british goods, hope to hurt British Businesses
Repeal Cancel or remove
Writs of Assistance Blank search warrants that the British soldiers would do on the Colonists
Militia Small army type thing, People in this would only fight when the British fought around them, wouldn't move around
loyalists People who are loyal to Great Britain, same as Tories
Tories People who are loyal to Great Britain, same as loyalists
Patriot Someone who fights for their country no matter what, fight for what is right in that country
Proclamation of 1763 Forbid colonists to move west of Appellation Mountains
1764 Sugar Act Lower tax, to prevent smuggling, tax on tea
1765 Stamp Act everyday items needed a stamp- first direct tax on colonists, stamp was a small fee
Sons of Liberty founded by Sam Adams, male group finding ways to protest British policies
Colonists Modo No Taxation without representation
1767 Townshend Acts Import tax on paint, glass, lead, paper, and tea
1770 Boston Massacre 5 deaths, 10 injuries, happened in Boston, Sam Adams named it, Propaganda, British Officers shot at colonists, someone yelled fire! so British fired at colonists
Committees of Correspondents Sam Adams set them up in order to keep colonists informed of British actions
1773 Boston Tea Party Sons of Liberty dresses as indians and threw 342 chests of tea into the harbor in protest of the tea act
1774, Intolerable Acts, 4 parts Punishment against Massachusetts (Boston)- Closed Ports of Boston, Colonists forced to house troops, town meetings once a year, and Great Britain trilled of any crimes were in Great Britain
Quartering Acts required colonists to pay for housing and feeding of soldiers
1st continental congress first government of colonies, all colonies but Georgia were represented, met to determine what to do about intolerable acts, letter sent to king to repeal all acts, massachusetts arm themselves
2nd continental congress all 13 colonies present, begin to govern colonists, establish continental army, George Washington general of army, sent a letter asking king for peace, king didn't accept it
Mercenary hired to form in foren army, an army from another country that hires you
Guerrilla members of unique army that harass enemy by surprise raids
Warfare armed conflict between two nations or groups of nations; war
Sam Adams Failed at everything except getting people railed up, started Sons of Liberty, signed declaration of independence, delegate at Constitutional Convention
Patrick Henry Young lawyer, gave powerful speeches, Virginia loudmouth
Patrick Henry Quote "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"
Battle of Lexington/Concord Paul Revere- famos ride, first shot in lexington- the shot heard around the world, British going to get ammunition in Concord
Paul Revere One of the best silversmiths in Boston, Part of Sons of Liberty, Made Boston Massacre picture, famous ride to warn colonists, Boston Tea Party Protest
Paul Revere, Famous Quote "The British Regulars are coming! The British Regulars are coming!
Battle of Bunker Hill Colonist on high ground, British went up 3 times, moral victory for colonists, "don't fire till you see the whites of there eyes", lost 3rd time because they ran out of ammunition, British won, one British General said go on both sides, it was denied
Thomas Paine Wrote Pamphlets/literature, wrote the Crisis and Common Sense, used as encouragement for colonists
Nathan Hale Spy for colonists, pretended to be school teacher, British found out, he was hung,
Nathan Hale, Famous Quote "I only regret I have but one life to loose for my country."
Thomas Jefferson Involved in Virginia government, Primary writer of Declaration of Independence, delegate of 2nd continental congress
Battle of Trenton New Jersey, Turning point in war, Christmas night, crossed Delaware river, George Washington's revolutionary defeat of British, Captured hired German soldiers and made them go back to Germany
Battle of Princeton one week after battle of Trenton, sneak attack, British stopped to rest, Colonists made fires to distract British, attacked form behind
John Hancock First nobel member of continental congress, nobel member of Sons of Liberty, first to sign declaration of independence, wealthy merchant, president of 2nd continental congress, declaration signed July 4th, 1776
John Hancock, Famous Quote "Now the King can read it without his spectacles, and now he can double the reward for my head."
Battle of Saratoga 3 prong attack, Burgoyne from top, St. Lager form west, Howe from bottom, Howe goes to Philadelphia, St. Lager attacked by Benedict Arnold, Burgoyne defeated, huge colonial victory, gained French help
John Paul Jones Caption of American Navy, First person (for america) to fight on sea, father of american navy, pulled his sinking ship up to British war ship and climbed on and took over ship- hand to hand combat
John Paul Jones, Famous Quote "I have not yet begun to fight."
Benedict Arnold on colonial army, switched sides to British, didn't feel he was getting enough recognition for his accomplishments in colonial army, his name now means traitor
Deborah Sampson Soldier in army- dressed like man, fought for a year and 1/2, was an indentured servant, after army became a school teacher
Molly Pitcher Carried Pitchers of water to the soldiers during battle, after her husband collapsed during war, she took his place and started firing cannon
Battle of Yorktown Last major battle of war, lasts for 3 weeks, G.B.- to costly for go on, Corn Wallis surrounded by French War Ships on sea and on land by Washington who secretly led troops by land, Wallis (British General, on peninsula
Treaty of Paris signed September 3rd, 1783, G.B. recognizes U.S. as independent country, U.S.= Border of Canada to Florida, atlantic to Mississippi, G.B. troops leave, G.B. collects rest of old debts owed by U.S., land taken from loyalists returned
How US won War French help, tactical errors by G.B., Gorilla Warfare, George Washington, Home field advantage, patriots had reason to fight, distance form Great Britain very big
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